c-section planned for the 23rd of sept.

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    HI everyone....I am going to have my c-section on the 23rd. anyone know of ways I can help my body heal a bit faster? This is going to be my 6th child but only my 2nd. c-section. My last one was 2 years ago. I begged for my doc to let me try natural birth again but she said no way as all of my children were born with broken shoulders.
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    Hi ,
    I have had 2 c sections and the best advice I can give you is to get out of bed as soon as they will let you and walk as much as you can. I walked as much as I could and felt pretty good....the other mom who had section would not walk......she ended up having severe headaches and stayed in hospital 2 days longer than me. I hope this helps you. Good luck !!!!! Kris
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    How are you doing? Since I have had 2 c-sections, I can give you some advice. First, try walking as much as possible as this will help you pass gas quicker, which will help take the pressure off your abnomen. Second, try not to take tylenol with codiene. This will constipate you and that is the last thing you need. Also, the second time around, the healing is much easier and quicker. I was much better with the 2nd one. Try to rest and have as much help as possible. How are you all doing? We are doing well. Enjoying the summer. I want to e-mail you, so we can talk more, but you e-mail box is full. Is there another e-mail I could reach you at? I will check in tommorrow.

    Your buddy,
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    Internally and externally might also help you heal faster?

    YOur 6th child?

    broken shoulders??

    My goodness, you must have a lot of personal stories to share!!

    Good luck!

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    as all my children have been natural births. But I just wanted to say, ~*GOODLUCK*~ with your section & I hope that it all goes well.