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    what is a ct scan? just trying to get to the bottom of things here. I'm getting part of my neck and spine done on a MRI they won't do the whole thing because of the cost. I'm a little nervous about having it done. don't know what to expect..the area thats getting scanned is the c spine, whatever that is.
    thanks Lisa
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    I just had a CT Scan and there is nothing to be afraid of. It is an easy procedure where a little intravenous tube is put into your arm (that does not hurt) and which is injected with the radium which is needed for the scan. After that you can close your eyes laying on a nice soft little bed which moves back and forth under the scan and just follow the instructions of how to move, etc. Nothing to it, and good luck - Lucky
  3. NewEnglander

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    but I'm not getting one just wanted to know what it was for and if it was something I needed.
    God Bless
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    Lisa for your reply. Next to an MRI a CT Scan is probably the most accurate diagnostic tool. It is used to take cross-sectional pictures through the head/body/addomen (whatever part is ailing). The radiologic contrast materials is used to identify the various organs and disease processes.
    This explains it a little bit more accurately.
    Kind regards, Lucky

  5. sunnysideliving

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    Hello Lisa,

    CT stands for Computer Tomography and as every one said you should not be afraid of it. It is much faster than MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and less noisy ;).
    A full body scan takes about a min.

    BTW, has anyone got positive result for body or brain CT?

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    about a week ago. I was admitted to the hospital w/chest pain . . . hadn't been in a hospital (for me) in over 25 yrs. Dr. just wanted to rule out anything serious (you know, matters of life and death stuff). They put the radium (dye??) into an IV (which is started either in the top part of your hand or the underside of your arm between your wrist and elbow. It's a tender area, and depending upon how good the IV nurse is, you may have a little discomfort . . . it's not unbearable by any means . . . it's a piece of cake compared to FMS). The radium feels very weird. My body (from hands to tops of thighs) felt a rush of heat . . . as tho I was on fire from the inside out (at 1st I thought I had wet my pants, lol). Again, it's more uncomfortable than anything else. It's a pretty quick process. Turns out all my tests were negative (yea!!) . . . and the cardiologist just ended up blaming it on a stressful day and FMS (the usual dx when they can't figure it out).