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    Hi does one else here ever have elevated C02 levels in their blood? My most recent lab test showed that and elevated liver enzymes(3-4x normal). Thanks and God Bless
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    Hi, Yes, I have had both high, and low levels of CO2 levels show up in my blood test over the past 20 years that I have had M.E. and FM, as well as POTS. Since these illnesses cause metabolic dysfunction, and many also develop autoimmune thyroid issues, it is not surprising that the CO2 counts may not be in the normal range.

    The same with liver enzymes. Liver enzymes are a snapshot of time. Your doctor will most likely do your blood tests again in a couple weeks to see if they have come back down.

    Liver enzymes and/or CO2 levels can be affected by taking aspirin, or other medications. I hope your doctor has or will do adrenal testing on you to see if that is causing the higher levels of CO2, as well as a complete thyroid panel, not just the routine blood test.

    Living with these illnesses, it's like a seesaw. Things go up and down and all around inside us. But do keep on it. I'm sure you will!
    Let us know how your next set of tests turn up. Hugs, MicheleK
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    to see if any of them affect the liver. Don't rely on what your doctor says - half the time they don't know or just won't tell you. You have to read the fine print of the package insert that comes with the drug - you can find this on-line.

    Sorry, I don't know anything about C02 levels though. Although I just read that high cortisol levels can cause high C02 and also something else related to the adrenals - just googe "High c02 levels".

    You should talk to your doctor about the high C02 and liver enzymes - he or she should investigate both of these things further. But do your own research too!

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer my post. When your C02 levels were high did your Dr. suggest any treatment of any kind? I just recently had a complete thyroid panel done and of course it was all normal. I do take several medications so I guess I need to research all of them.I also have fatty liver. Always something with these dieases it seems. It gets very exhausting at times. GBU hugs Rebecca
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    Thanks for answering and for your suggestions about checking my meds,I will do some research online and see what I can find out and maybe even call my pharmacy as they know more about the meds than the drs. I think most of the time.I have been on these same meds for about ten years tho, nothing new. I have a history of the elevated liver enzymes and I suppose that is from the fatty liver infiltration that I have. GBU and Take care hugs Rebecca