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    I just read about this and yes it's legal :) while waiting for the extract I ordered, I went out to my garden and harvested a few flowers and leaves and steeped them for about 10 mins. First time in 20 years I slept through the night and woke up with no pain, it starts to wear off, for the pain, around 1:00. Stuff really works and non addictive and has no side effects. No grogginess, just pain free. No burning or muscle weakness no pain !!!:)
    I did do the self testing and came up really positive from head to toe - another big ol':) helps with migraines and toothaches and much more
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    tho I wonder if you noticed variations while making your own? I'd think the extract would (hopefully) be regulated as to strength.

    I've read online that one can use the poppy seeds from jars to make tea, and many here have done that with good results because not all are radiated equally...

    but I've also read that can lead to overdosing since you never know how strong it might be.

    Let us know how you do with the extract (or tincture)?

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