caannieb did you feel the earth quake a few minutes ago

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i didn't feel it here...only my migraine is subsiding..some...ouch felt like i was getting stabbed in the eyeball and on top of my headache...

    so you live in healdsburg...pretty country...favorite restuarant for me it the bear republic microbrewery...the ex and i know the owners...

    well i hope you didn't get too shooken up fromt he earthquake

  2. BethM

    BethM New Member

    It was a magnitude 4.4, epicenter was in Glen Ellen, in Sonoma County.

    It was a good shaker in Pacifica. My dogs didn't even twitch, though.

    The news has not reported any damage or injuries.

    your roving reporter,

    Beth. (apologies if I intruded on a private message!)
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  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey!! Beth, Jodie and Georgiac(??) We made it through the
    big one tonite!! All the buildings remain standing here
    in S.F. But it was close. Told Fight4 that as a precaution
    I checked my "survival" kit and discovered that I must
    have "borrowed",at some point, the Jack Daniels and Gum-
    my Worms. I'll replace them in the A.M. sure thing!!

    Sleep Tight!!
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  4. mrdad

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    My family had a Summer house in Boyds Springs during the
    20's -30's before the G.G. Bridge was built. They took
    the Ferry to Marin and than the Train to Sonoma Co. I
    still have some old pics of them from those days in
    Sonoma County. I think it was a much better time to be
    in the Bay Area than today!! BIGGER is not always better.

    Tie everthing down tonite!!
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    geogiac cliff house..i was there right before they remodled it...haven't been back there since..

    i didn't feel the quake...i was taking ot my friend that lives in tiburon...she said her windows rattled in her condo there...and felt it...

    i said it must be all the drugs i don't know any am not on many meds at all...i told her my windows are all doublepaned and have been my apt...i hope it keeps my heating bills down this year..time will tell..

    i don't have any heaters in the bedrooms...i don't know how this place passed inspection for people that have a section 8 voucher...

    cause that is one of the questions they ask you do you have heating in bedrooms...nope..

    wall heater in living room..

    well the cows got there feet or hoofs massaged here...

  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    atleast a 12 pack or maybe a 2 litre...

    twinkies will live through nuclear bomb so those are good too...

    my eyeball pain is gone...

    thank you fight those darn things hurt....

    i am still waiting for kaiser hmo to fill out the forms for the disability dept at the college...

    did i tell you i am getting a fee waiver...on tuition yippee..then i filed another form for 150 dollars for help for said i needed to be a full-time student...but it looks like i will be signing up for 11 i will not be considered fulltime to my apt....if i am a full-time student i am supposed to get evicted i guess...something about the federal funding the owners of the building get...

    i am tired...i need t get up at 9 or earlier take cody for lung exam and an xray...he is still coughing and hacking it has been like almost two hopefully he is ok..

    then i am supposed to drop him off at football early so i can take the exams one at 1:30 pm and another at 3:15 english first then the dreaded math...yikes..

    when in doubt mark c is what i was taught ions ago...last year cody told me it is b now...

    c i am so out of math

    why do i need to know how to do alegrbra for dental hygiene...i already have my xray license for that and ultrasonic license......oh well...i will do it slowly if i must...i have to have all science grades b or better then everything else may be a 2.5 or better....

    once i get into the program it will be a refresher course for me...and i will tough it will probably be like 2 years before i get it all down....and into the program if i am lucky..

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    You may be off at this time with your son so I don't ex-
    pect to hear a reply until latter. Are you going to attend
    Cal State Sonoma this Fall or another school?

    MRDAD P.S. Jodie!! Ya don't ruin a perfectly good shot
    of booze by putting any additives
    other than ice. Ya Know?
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  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am sorry i just can not handle the old j.d....w/o something

    on the rocks is good for some things like some good old irish whiskey...

    i've been have a little more wine these days...

    cody had his lung xray..they said it could be some sort of an after effect of a virus causing the coughing...
    or pnuemonia that does not make the film all white....

    so that is how it is being treated...for now anitbiotics...

    i just went off on the pharmists...ii just get so fed up w/that dept...i just paid the 10 co--pay for his med...which is just his usual co-pay...but when the state sends me a notice stating he qualifies for medi-cal and when you don't get your child support and areliving on your ssdi...

    i just get a little irritated...i really can not stand is odd the pediatrics dept and the xray dept could cover his co-pay which isn't much compared to others...i feel angry at his father...who said he was going to quit work before paying c/s about last thursday...i will leave out the dirty things he said...

    anyways...cody is fine as far as the peak flow meter he blew a 900 which the ddr said she has never seen that in her office...that is great lung blow..


    you cheered me up on the j.d. maybe is should just buy some tonight...

    college...i will be attending santa rosa junior college....i am trying to get my grades up and ready to get into the dental hygiene program...

    than have it ready to transfer to sonoma state possibly for teaching credentials....

    i must attain all b's in all my science classes...i am a little nervous abbut taking the math assessment test..used to be my math algebra etc from h.s. school was good enough to exempt me...but for goodness sake i graduated h.s. in 1983...oh my...i don't remember hardly any theorims...i'm i bet i will be doing it the slow way for the then i can take the chemistry course...frick...

    i shall survive...and i if i can't pull the grades for the science courses then i can always do the radiology tech program there at santa rosa j.c...

    that is the story of my life today...

    yeah i need to pull out some cash out of my bankk so i don't have over 3k in there so i don't lose my state coverage of my medicare stuff...that supplements my medicare..

    hears to passing the math portion test...the english i have to do all over as well...even though i passed w/b in 1983...
    it has been so long that they will not consider basically starting from scratch...

  9. CAAnnieB

    CAAnnieB New Member

    Sorry, I just now saw this post!

    My son just told me that he felt the quake last night! I never felt a thing & can't even remember what I was doing at that time! (Brain fog gets mighty thick here!)

    I very rarely feel the quakes...seems like my 19 yr.old son is the one who is more in tuned to them! We get a lot of quake activity up at the Geysers. Maybe I'm just living in earthquake denial or something!

    I DID feel the big one back in 1989...Loma Preita...I was on the 4th floor of the hospital where I worked. (In Labor & Delivery Dept.) I was talking to a friend/ nurse on the phone on the Obstetrics floor. Suddenly, everything was swaying & moving BIG time! I thought we were goners! Scariest experience of my life, so far! I felt real bad for the poor women in labor at the time! All ended up fine. Luckily, the building we were in was built to move with quakes!

    The Bear Republic is a nice place! The other great restaurant in town is Willi's SeaFood & Raw Bar...just down a block from the Bear. Most of the other restaurants in town are way out of my price range! This town has changed dramatically over the 21 years I've lived here. It went from being a simple, quiet, small town to a ritzy, wine, tourist attraction! Oh well...I still enjoy living here. Am SUPER glad that we moved here & bought a house when we did!

    Good luck with going to the SRJC! I graduated (as an adult) from there myself with 2 Associates Degrees. They have a great Disabilities department. My son (the one who DID feel the earthquake!) took a summer class at the JC & was impressed with the help he received from the Disability office. He regularly attends SSU.

  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i was in michigan preggers w/cody then....but saw it all over the news...then we got transferred out herre in april of 1990..

    just checking in on you up there...

    i just took my math and english placement test...i get to find out in a few minutes on line to see how well i did..then i can sign up for some courses...

    i have to re-do all i did because it has been ways too long for the course i took to count...darn it..

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Santa Rosa J.C. use to be considered one of the best (if
    not the best) J.C. in Northern California. I commuted to
    Sonoma State from S.F. for my last two yrs. of College.
    Had to be back in the City for work at 4:30 and get home
    about 10:30 at nite. Long day from 6:30 a.m.!! But did
    my teaching credential, 30 units, at S.F. State because it
    was 5 dys a week and Student teaching. WE only had 800
    students at Sonoma State then and it was wonderful in
    every way! I'm sure you will benefit greatly from both
    Nighty Nite,