CactusLil' , what is a "friend of the court"?

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    >> if you don't have a lawyer get one and make sure they are a "friend of the court".<<

    I agree that a lawyer would be best, but what does that designation of "friend of the court" mean? Does that mean the judge listens to their client's case better; does it improve their client's chances of getting approved for disability? Just wanting to know. Thanks. :)
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    With SSA Administrative Judges are be appointed requires more than a few friends in high places. Now, when those friends appear before that appointed judge, the judge has a vested interest in keeping the power brokers happy.

    When a Judge (now I am strictly talking TEXAS) wants to stay in his position, he must let those atty's who appear before him REGULARLY win now and again. A SSA attorney who is seen with regularity by the Judges, their experts ie. docs, psychiatrists et al., they become "friends".

    Now when my case came up for the second time for Judicial review, I was humble enough to hire an attorney who regularly appeared in this court and was shaking hands with every other official to be seen. Now my Judge was NEW and did not know who was a "friend of the court" or not; he was slam dunking my case down the toilet!

    The experts, knowing "Barbara" as a "friend" were fighting it out with this Judge arguing for my defense!! As we left the hearing chambers, we had lost my case; however after the atty went to her office and called their shrink, my GAF was lowered and I won a favorable.

    That is a friend of the court and it works in all courts of significance. I worked for on payroll for two different attorneys eons ago. One was a corporate atty and the last was politically oriented. He has now been District Attorney for the three county area in which I live for years. Who did I select as an attorney when my ex tried for custody last year...that is correct. I had the District Attorney representing me. CactusLil'
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    if the attorney I call is a friend of the court? Is that the type of question that their receptionist or secretary would answer for me or can I find out from the court clerk? BTW, I am dealing with the Fort Worth Tarrant County office of SSA -- I filed in Arlington -- but have been unable to find any attorney yet who is familiar with FMS or MPS. Thanks so much for the quick feedback. :)
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