caffeine and chocolate, yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by simonedb, Aug 28, 2008.

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    I can quit just about anything else over the years, even coffee which I loved (but it was killing my gut and moodiness worsen) and I switched to tea which I drink in moderation but for me one or two glasses of iced or hot tea can sometimes adveresely effect energy etc but sometimes it seems to help. Same thing with chocolate, which this year I have narrowed down to dark chocolate with no dairy in it and usually pure can sugar if any.
    I am also hypoglycemic so would probably be better if didnt use either but it feels impossible to imagine not having choc and black tea at times, one of the few pleasures in my life...yet I do suspect at times that if I could totally eliminate them for a period of time it would be a good test for health.....but have never been able to make it very long without one.
    what do other find, help or hindrance?
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    I was totally addicted to good coffee. I love evrything about coffee. It's one of my favorite smells. I did mostly give it up. Just a cup or 2 a month. Caffine is a huge contributor to fibercystic breast lumps which I had.

    When I dumped the caffine, no more breast lumps. Caffine also strips the minerals out of your body. I've never been parcial to chocolate so no problem. I don't see any real harm to limited use of anything. I can't imagine you need to give up your pleasures totally.

    Take care,
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    I understand the love/addiction to chocolate.

    I had delayed food allergy testing (sensitivities) and found that I am sensitive to cane sugar and corn syrup (along with 20 other foods). I have to avoid sugar and corn syrup because they make my pain, stiffness, soreness and brain fog alot worse.

    I am not sensitive to chocolate, but usually it contains sugar or corn syrup, so I do not eat it anymore. I have sometimes made recipes , such as cakes and brownies using beet sugar, which I can eat. I found out though, that all the caffeine in the baking cocoa kept me awake all night and my heart pounded.

    I drink decaf tea at least twice daily.

    I think you will feel better if you avoid both as much as possible.
  4. JD99

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    you should cut out caffiene completely because it's also a stimulant and can make things worse. I've gone from being a heavy soda drinker to maybe having 6oz of soda at work and that's that. I've not had chocolate for months, either.

    To tell you the truth I really don't feel any different than I did before. Im sure there's some benefit in cutting back on it that I'm just not seeing or feeling but I wouldn't deny yourself completely if it's something you love. Just try to take in less.
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    I could probably cut back on the coffee but I have to have real good chocolate once a month for about 5 days(I'm not talking loads here maybe 2-3 pieces each night). I just love my chocolate!!!! Take care!
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    There is no way! Even if it makes me feel better, it's sac-religious, I'm from Seattle! I listen to my body most of the time, and I moderate the coffee and candy, but there are some months I'll eat a whole jug of chocolate covered peanuts things from costco! (Ok, my sister-in-law and daughter sure helped!)

    I am trying to slow the sugar roll with my morning espresso and I may one day be diabetic... "please no!"

    I tried to eliminate both, for about three months, I've also eliminated dairy, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetners.

    Do a test run, think it of only as a "test" and if you feel better, you won't want that stuff again.

    As for me: no dif with the coffee and chocolate, so it's staying in my diet for me, but I have lessened the amounts over time.
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    I don't really even want soda much anymore. I never, never, never thought I'd say that. I hated water with a passion and now I find myself wanting the stuff over everything else.

    I still have chocolate now and then, if I want it. No harm in that. ;)