Caffeine intolerance

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    Hi ALL,

    I just wanted to stop by and pass on some info ...

    FYI ... MOST articles state that only caffeine in large doses is a problem but for anyone with caffeine intolerance, all you need is one sip to get the affects.

    IMHO, this is very important info for anyone with neurological problems.

    BUT ... If you google adenosine or dopamine you'll see how these affects our bodies.

    Of course, the other problems caffeine causes are important too. In fact, caffeine was causing the blood vessels in my neck / head region to constict not allowing blood to get to my head as freely ... Now when I lay down due to orthostatic intolerance (OI), the blood doesn't rush into my head ...

    FYI. If you decide to eliminate caffeine from your diet, be sure to go very very very very slowly. It's a drug and should be treated like one ...

    Caffeine also causes our cells to drop calcium. Most of the articles I found on this stated that the amount of caffeine was insignificant ... BUT some other articles I found stated that it was WHERE the calcium is dropped that's important. Googling caffeine calcium will get these articles.

    HTH ... X

    PS. The Paleo / low carb / low oxalate diet helped me tremendously. Most of my disabling ME/CFS symptoms, like ataxia, brain fog and myoclonus, are gone or under control via diet. But caffeine may have been causing my orthostatic intolerance and some, if not all of my CFS fatigue. I've been caffeine free since April 10, 2011 and have already noticed some improvements but only time will tell ...
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    hi again ... as long as I'm here today ...

    Just in case some of your aren't aware of this by now, if you see an integrative doctor they can help you figure out your food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies. And run tests for dysiosis and hormone defiencies. Medicare pays for most, if not all, of these tests ...

    A holistic practioner can do this too but I prefer seeing an integrative doctor who can prescribe meds or certain tests if I need it.

    My integrative doctor seems to have a good grasp on other problems anyone with CFS might have too. For example, she looked for pregnenolone and mine was as low as a 70 year old womens ... and I'm only 55 ...

    She also ran a GTT + insulin and discovered that I have hyperinsulemia. This means I OVER PRODUCE insulin which leads to hypoglycemia ...

    And via hormone testing, I was prescribed testosterone and diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.

    tc ... x

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    >>>PS: I'm sure everyone here would benefit with having their DHEA and Preg levels checked and on these OTC hormones. Everything depletes as we age.<<<

    Maybe that is the way nature intended it to be!

  4. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Testing doesn't always show up problems. I cannot have caffeine as it makes my heart beat very fast and I lose a lot of weight, however, nothing showed up when I had food testing done.

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