Caffeine Withdrawal?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by TR55555, Nov 15, 2003.

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    about a week from today, I had a bad anxiety attack that kept me up all night trembling. I had 2 cups of coffee that day and usually I have at least 1 or two cups of coffee every day. The following two days I had headaches, fatigue, and was very tired, but I had consumed no caffeine. For the next few days after that, I had a few days of very bad anxiety (tension in the shoulders, fast heart beat, intense worry though for no real reason). I had diarrhea and sometimes when I went to the restroom, the anxiety got worse. Since the anxiety has subdued, I've been in a "blah" depressed mood for the last two days. Is this normal? because I'm afraid I've started something bad...what should I do?
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    I feel that you are suffering from withdrawls.I have reduced my coffee intake in the past and had horrible headaches!I have been advised that if you stay off caffeine permanantly, the symptoms eventually goe away.But that could be pretty hard to go through. I also think that some people have worse withdrawls than others. You might try not going cold turkey. Wean yourself off slowly, going down half a cup of coffee a day. I hope these ideas help you.