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  1. lynn3811

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    Could some one explaine to me why cafeine is not good for FM sufferers? I don't drink coffeek, but I drink sodas, and every morning take a caffeine subsitute. To get me moving.
    Thanks to anyone who can help with this question.

  2. lillieblake

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    I had not heard that caffeine is not good for FMers, but I think it is bad generally. I am a diet pepsi addict, and just this week decided to quit. I slowly drank less and less each day until I got down to one of those little cans (in the morning).

    How much soda do you drink? I heard it is also hard to lose weight even with drinking diet soda. I hope that I can lose more not drinking so much diet pepsi.

    From what I have read, if you need caffeine you should get it from dark chocolate (in moderation) and green tea.

    Might be worth a try to see if your pain is lessened. I can't say mine is less this week from not drinking so much pepsi, but it is really raining here and has been for 3 days, and that might be causing the pain.

    Good luck, Lillie

  3. Juloo

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    I'm on and off the caffeine wagon quite a lot. Here's one of the ideas behind caffeine and why it is bad for CFS sufferers. Maybe it is similar?

    Caffeine is supposedly bad for the adrenals, especially in people (like those of us w/CFS) because it gives an energy boost. Initially sounds good, but we have have stressed adrenals, or worn out adrenals, all it does is 'borrow against the bank'.

    An analogy might be...there's a tired horse, pulling a wagon. The driver needs to do more deliveries, so when the horse moves slower, he whips it. Makes the horse move faster (at first). But over time, when the horse gets no rest, he does not even respond to the whip, and is finally too pooped to move at all. If the driver would have responded properly (resting the horse for a bit, and watering and feeding it), the horse might have continued all day.

    It might also be said "there is no free lunch" and "every action has an equal and opposite REaction".

    This is a very hard habit to break...I KNOW!
  4. Iam1ShadyLady

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    I've been caffiene free for a week now. I had to quit caffiene cause it makes my tachycardia worse. I drink sugar free lemonade and water with an occasional diet sprite.
  5. robin1667

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    I have not heard that it is bad for us FMers either.I drink 2 mugs of coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day,sometimes(rarely)a glass of milk.
    Coffee is suppose to perk us up,I have the opposite.I'm so fatigued,I slept 3 hrs. after I drank it this morning.I don't understand.Maybe I wore out the adrenals?
    I have trouble with sleeping,I've had a sleep apnea machine for a month now,where it every nite and nap,and I am still exhausted!
    I hope you find the answer to your question.
  6. slowdreamer

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    Have heaps of food and chemical intolerances but coffee is my great love and i can't really identify any problems.Somwtimes I have to finish a job when my body and brain are collaspsing and sometimes I have it to feel good before sleep.

    I have it Arabica and one third strength.
    I have it after a meal to assist is because I have low stomach acid???

    Who knows but my point is there are so many theories out there and hard as it is I figure we have to seee what works for us...If ME/CFS is in the Communication centres of the brain perhaps coffee is helping with that..i.e assisting the nervous system to transmit information from the brain to the body and vice versa.
  7. lillieblake

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    I never heard about caffeine affecting the adrenals but it makes sense to me.

    If I had my way, I would drink diet pepsi all day.

    But if I had my way, I wouldn't have FM either.

    When I am on my 'no caffeine' kick, and I really really want some diet pepsi, I drink a ton of water.

    Guess what - I really think I drink the Diet pepsi for thirst - and since the caffeine is addictive it keeps me buying more.

    I noticed a HUGE difference in my grocery bill when I didn't buy 3 cases of diet pepsi!

  8. sadie101

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    that because they link fibromyalgia to the malfuntion cental nervous system and our CNS over reacts to everything like alcohol,meds and caffeine. sense caffeine is a stimulate I guess it can cause are pain to get worst.

    for me I can't function with out coffee in the morning because of the fatique we all suffer from fibro. and I guess I really have never notice to much if my pain has increased after my mug of coffee in the morning because I feel like the tin man when I get out of bed and I need my can of oil to get going.

    take care
  9. glenpr

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    They say one thing now, then it is changed in ten years. I go by what I feel. Coffee helps me, and I feel that it is natural (a coffee bean). So just my 2 cents worth there.
    love glen