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    Does anyone else drink coffee here? I am an avid 2 cup a day coffee drinker. I am so run down all the time, so sometimes I need a little pick-me-up. My mother said that it will actually make me more tired when I take caffeine. But I cannot seem to function without it!! Especially since I started taking sleeping pills and amitriptaline. I am so tired and groggy in the morning, that I need something to get me up and moving. Am I doing more damage to myself by drinking the coffee? I have heard that it's really not bad for you to have a cup or two a day. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    have a mug now and again. The literature says that caffiene is not our friend. I have also read that we should use it like medicine, using it when we need it. I had a friend on amitriptyline, she couldn't move because of the hangover it gave her. I would definately use it otherwise I'd never get anything done. I personally gave it up because of the heartburn and nausea it gave me.
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    I am trying to cut back from about 4 cups a day. It's so hard, cuz I've depended on it so long to keep me from fighting the fatigue. I am also curious though why it can make you tired.

    Another reason I need to cut back and eventually give it up is because of my VERY frequent urination problems.
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    I was speaking with my CFS/FM Specialist the other day about my son, who has Attention Deficeit Disorder, and the use of Ritalin .
    He said his daughter is ADD, and instead of the prescription drug route, he gives her a cup of coffee prior to school. That the caffeine, like the ritalin, (a central nervous system stimulant) helps with concentration and focus.
    I have concentration, probs due to CFS, and now I don't feel so bad about my two cups of coffee in the morning.

  5. Mikie

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    When I read some material on the stimulant, Provigil, it stated that many seem to get the same results with caffeine at a much lower price. I find that a little caffeine in either coffee or Excedrin does a much better job than the Provigil to which I seemed to have had a Paradoxical effect.

    The problem with stimulants and sleep aids is that one can get into the Judy Garland Syndrome where it takes larger and larger doses of caffeine to wake up from the sleeping meds and larger and larger doses of sleeping meds to come down off the caffeine.

    Love, Mikie
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    In many articles on fms and cfids they recommend 'no coffee' (also no alcohol, no tobacco). It seems that if you drink a lot of coffee, this drains your system of more energy than it gives. But two cups a day doesn't seem so terrible to me, if it works and you don't feel the need to increase 'the dose'.
    But I wonder about something else: if you feel so tired and groggy in the morning, perhaps there is a way of lowering the doses of your amitriptaline and sleeping meds slightly? (It took me several weeks of experimenting before I found the 'minimum working dose' for me, but that was a way of cutting down on morning drowsiness.)
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    I have never cared for coffee, but the first thing I did in the morning was pop the top of a coke can, and I drank cokes all day long. I started drinking coke very young as it was often given to me for my asthma, and as I grew up it was nothing for me to inhale 10 cokes a day. I was totally addicted to them.

    However, along with my FM/CFS which was diagnosed at age 15, as I got older I developed osteo/psoriatic/and rheumatoid arthritis, and the pain became intense. I began to notice that everytime I drank a coke--the inflammation zoomed up to a 10 along with instant swelling, stiffness, and lack of mobility. But I refused to give up my cokes and chose to just deal with the pain.

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems, nerve damage, and a cluster of pinched nerves in my neck/shoulder area. While I was in the hospital and all this testing was going on with my back, damaged nerves, and arthritis(s), I wasn't allowed cokes, but given 7-Up if I wanted a pop.

    I got out of the hospital after about 9 days, and the first thing I did (like a devoted addict) was head straight to the nearest store to get my coke fix. I didn't get half of the coke down before everything in my body went into flare. My back, neck, and shoulder area swelled up, went scarlet with inflammation, and the pain was unbearable. My neck/shoulder area where the rheumatoid arthritis and nerve cluster damage is swelled up so much I could not turn my head sideways or up and down. My back felt like someone took a baseball bat to it. And the arthritis(s) in the other parts of my body swelled up and ached with inflammation--while simultaneously getting a rush of energy that later dropped me flat, and I felt exhausted.

    As I had grown older, I had given up all my other vices, but swore I would never give up my cokes. I LOVE the taste of Coca Cola. Nothing like a good, strong, fizzy, ice cold coke! But........I gave it up that day. The pain won.

    I live with a man who drinks cokes, and there are always ice cold cokes in the fridge, but after a few more experiences of trying to drink just a little coke and getting the same painful reaction--I drink 7-Ups now or non-caffeinated drinks. The same goes with chocolate or anything else that has caffeine in it. It just isn't worth the pain.

    I didn't realize that the caffeine had such an effect on me until it was cleaned out of my system those 9 days in the hospital. My body was so used to a constant supply of it. But once it was eliminated from my system, and then I tried to add it again--my body had a definite, negative reaction to it. I read labels now to see if there is caffeine in anything I consume.

    I would still LOVE to have a coke. I watch my man pour it fizzing over ice, and I can even smell it. But, it is just not worth the intense pain I would have to endure.

    However, there have been some other benefits to not consuming caffeine. I've found that I am much calmer, sleep better, and less prone to anxiety. I don't get diarrhea nearly as often nor stomach upset, and I don't feel as fatigued. And my complexion looks much smoother, and I don't have near the number of "flares" that I used to have.

    Of course, things like this affect people differently. But, I don't think I would have known to this day how much caffeine was affecting my body unless I had spent that time in the hospital caffeine-free....then immediately tried to put it back in my system as soon as I got out of the hospital.

    We have so many losses with these illnesses and have to give up so many things that I truly hope all of you can continue to enjoy your coffee without any ill effects--doesn't sound like too much to ask does it.

    But if you want to see if caffeine does have a negative affect on you, eliminate it from your intake for 7 to 10 days, and then add it back. Hopefully, you can go on to enjoy the simple pleasure of a good cup of coffee. Blessings to you, Carol....
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    my rhumy told me to stay away from's suppose to be bad for fibro.i know if i have anything with caffine in it,my heart starts to race and i feel can mess with your sleep cycle too.

    kathy c
  9. Spoonerpaws

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    I have to have a cup to get going in the morning

    I think that as long as you don't overdo it , it is okay and don't drink it after 4:00 pm for sleep issues

    I know what the amitriptaline is like!
  10. bluebirder

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    I drink it too.It does seem to help me get going in the morning but if I drink it before bed it relaxes me to get to sleep faster. It also helps with the elimination of body waste for me. I was told my diverticulosis would cause colon bind but the coffee keeps it all moving. You know it is also a natural laxitive in more than one way. Yeah it also increases the stress incontienience of the bladder but as long as I am near home or a bathroom the coffee doesn't matter.It appears to calm down asthma attacks in their early stage for me too. If I can get coffee when a bronchial attack first starts I can usually get it to stop! Then no inhailer that makes me shake worse than overdoing coffee would.

    I drink tea in summer maybe I am a cafine addict but that is better than being over medicated with one med to counter act the effects of this one and that one to take care of that.....used to take 14 meds and no one could tell me why things kept happening. Now I take 2 regularly and add a third and fourth if I need them. My current Dr looked at my records and concurs there is no reason to take so much since I am so sensitive anyway. If coffee (even at a pot a day or two) can replace 5 medications then she isn't going to tell me not to drink it. Have the same problems it would cause weather I drink it or not.
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    Give me that Starbuck's triple venti mocha every morning!

    I realize caffeine is "not our friend" and that it's a drug, etc., etc., but without it I can't work. I did give it up for about a year, but that year I had basically a non-job. Now I'm really having to work again, and hard, and I just can't do it without the caffeine. I don't have soft drinks, which I can no longer digest, but have fully leaded coffee whenever I can get it, as long as it's not after 4 in the afternoon.
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    are still my 2 vices. At the recommendation of my rhuemy I gave up my one morning cup of java. However, after a week I couldn't take the severe exhaustion. I realize I may have not given my body enough time, but I do so enjoy my I am back to one cup.

    I should however mention that going off the coffee and temporarily adding 5mg of Flexeril did help a bad flare to settle quite a bit. I am flaring again because of these constant weather changes we have I may look try decaf -at least for a week or so!

    I too can't drink Coke my system doesn't like it - I am not sure if it is more acidic than coffee?

    Also, I do drink at least 60oz. or more per day of water. I do believe this is quite important in flushing out toxins and keeping our muscles and joints feeling better.

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    I, too, need my morning coffee to get going. However, I have become sensitive to it and get jittery if I get too much caffeine (basically 1 cup!) I solved this problem by putting decaf coffee in for half the amount and regular coffee for the other half in the coffee maker. I get enough caffeine for a boost but no jitters. Also, I put coffee in an insulated mug and can then sip on it over a period of time and that lessens the total amount of coffee I drink. As to coke and other sodas, it is the sugar in regular sodas that my body doesn't deal well with. I don't drink diet either as I avoid products with aspartame. I think balance is the key to many things, including coffee.