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    Hi ladies,

    I just love putting eh on the end. It makes me feel so.........Candaian. LOL

    I made it to my mom's house and only fell asleep once on the road. Ha. I was fighting sleep about the last hour though

    and that is always scary. I had my presentation yesterday. We had three hours of teachers teaching the teachers. The setting was very intimidating to me.

    We were actually and a music store as they were part of our institute also. As soon as I got up there and talked for just a few minutes I got cotton mouth. OMG it was awful. I had some bottled water thank goodness. It went quite well.

    I had to laugh because this one young and hip band director who every other word out of his mouth is yeah man was impressed with my presentation. I make my own clarinet reeds which is highl unusal so I scored some points with him. LOL

    You will have to translate for me. He said I always knew you were heavy but now I know you are really heavy. Then proceeded to ask if I had any more openings for private clarinet students as that is my second job. LOL

    Thank goodness I don't have impressing anyone but God.

    I am getting ready to go to my sister's house for some hummy turkey and all the trimmings. I didn't realize you up north celebrate Thanksgiving at another time but I guess that makes sense.

    I am learning so much on this board. Cath, what is a solarium. I think we have plant solariums but I am sure that is not what you are talking about. Is it like a sun room? I would love that as I do have issues with SADD. I have one of those full spectrum lights that I sit in front of every morning. It is really sunny today and supposed to be 60 where I am. Whoooohoooooo. Love it.

    Cath, I will be praying for your pain and sleep situation. I had some real sleep problems this summer and that is awful. It makes the emotional stuff magnified too. I sure hope you can get some relief from the pain also.

    Pepper, you and hubby and BIL are still in my prayers. I sure hope that you are doing ok in all of this. I am sure it is such a stress on top of the stress of all the other stuff you have been through.

    My bath is calling me and that will be my prayer time for you this morning.

    Take care and know you are in my thoughts and prayers even as I am pigging out today. Ha.


    I was considering creamtion for the spider. His remains are still INSIDE my stove. Yikes. LOL

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    Hi Nancy; I see we have converted you or adopted you. You will never be the same lol. A solarium is like a sun room. They are quite common in condos that don't have balconies. My condo faces west so as I am writing I am sitting in the sun and kitty is stretched out on top of the couch in the sun. My solarium isn't very big. It has a desk for my computer and a built in unit about waist high that has bookends on each end and the heating unit. Kitty jumps up and sticks her head out the window. I have to keep the blinds down as I caught her going out the window one day. Thank God I am only 2 floors up. They are getting ready to put up the Christmas decorations. They have this stupid cardboard Santa and it blocks my view and when it gets windy he falls over. You have to see it to believe it. Only in Canada eh Pepper? Good to hear that you survived yesterday. I thought the phrase was yeah mon. lol. Or is that only in Canada eh? h guess what you 2. I am so sick of telemarketers calling. Yesterday one called said I won a weekend in Collingwood. Pepper we would kill ourselves on the ski slopes and today one said I won a week in Florida. If only it were that simple. Or is that God answering my prayers for a vacation lol. So Nancy do you want me to come and do the service for your spider? lol. I'd have to talk to my friend to find out how you do I really appreciate your concern for me. This is an absolutely crappy week. Hobbled into physio. Sonja didn't like the look of me. She said there is so much cracking going on in my hip and back and the pain pills aren't working. She said I am developing a kyphosis in my upper back. It is a rounding at the shoulders and my chest is caving in. I am going to do some research on this. I am definitely not a happy camper. My feet and ankles are still killing me. I go back and see everyone in a week and a half. I am bummed it seems like this is consuming all my time and energy and focus. Will someone please stop this merry go round. I think my piece of turkey got lost. Could you please send me another one lol. I hope your long weekend really refreshes you. Take care especially driving. I laugh when you talk about your prayer time being in the tub. I used to do the same thing when my son was younger. There is a lot of talk of God showing Himself in new ways lately and one of our favorite sayings is that in this new move of God snoring is the new form of intercession. Something I do extremely well lol. Was David who said he communed with the Lord upon his bed. Seriously my favorite place to pray is driving. Leave the cell off , crank up the stereo and away I go. The only problem is red lights and people looking at you when you are bawling away or when I was working and I pulled into my clients driveways and trying to quit bawling before they say me. That is great that you make your own reeds. I only ever failed 1 subject in school. It was music and for 50 bonus points and the car guess what instrument it was? Never could get the hang of that clarinet. No matter what I did it wasn't right. Either my reed was too cracked or I would get a new one before a test and I got yelled out for using a new reed. A no no. So now I just stay in the joyful noise group. Anyways enough babbling for now. Take care and love and appreciate both of your supporting me. Oh yeah one final thing. Pepper if you will be my friend I will be down to 14 friends and Nancy if you will be my friend I will be down to 13 friends ( the government is giving free samples of synthetic pot which is supposed to help my foot pain it is 3 weeks worth and if I can get 17 friends I can get enough for one year. only kidding lol.)
    Love ya
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    How's it goin', eh? Now that's a real Ottawa Valley saying!

    I am glad that your presentation went well and that you had a safe trip. I asked my son what that music teacher could have meant by saying that you are "really heavy". He had no idea. I am guessing it means "groovy" or "cool" or perhaps "really good". It sounds like a compliment to me!

    My DH is not coping well with his brother's illness. I have never seen him literally crumple before. But that is what he does every time he gets off the phone talking to any of the family.

    He is seriously depressed and needs to up his antidepressants but won't go to the doctor. Grrr. When men are depressed, they get angry. Did you know that? Not pleasant to be around.

    But I do feel so sorry that he is dealing with this again and have to leave him be. I was noticing in the past couple of weeks that the dose he is on is not enough any more and suggested he see the doctor. Now that all this has happened with his brother, I am going to insist.

    The stress of this has taken a toll on me today so I am going to post a prayer request and go to bed for Prayer Night. It is almost time.

    I hope that you enjoyed your turkey with all the trimmings. And that you have a good visit with your family.

    Love, Pepper