Caffey, Asa,Judy, MIsty and Hangin

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  1. dejovu

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    The lord has put you in my thoughts and I will be saying your names many times in my prayers this week.

    You are all loved children in His family and I'm sure it hurts him to see you suffer.

    I will keep praying for all of you and waiting for your praise reports.

    I know they will come. But for now I ask for angels to keep and protect you, the hand of God to touch you, and the Great Phyician to heal. Many blessings. De
  2. Asatrump

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    The fact you mentioned me by name tugs at my tears. I am a strong woman. I keep telling myself that. Over and over.

    I have a strong desire to solve people's problems. My daughter and son in law are going through a stressful time right now. I can't help them. My daughter is my best friend and she tells me her heart. I am her mother and I want to "fix" things. A hug and a lollipop don't cut it any more.

    So I feel frustration at being unable to help. I tried last week to talk to my husband. There is no emotional level for him. If a problem does not directly effect him, then it isn't a problem, and doesn't deserve thought. He is able to push everything from his head and think only about himself. 40 years of a good man, he provides financially and physically helps me, but there is no emotional support.

    Thank you for asking De, it means a lot. I think I only made one request for prayer last week on on the Thursday night group. I try to be a tower of strength. After all, the family perceives me that way.

    Obviously I internalize all the emotional situations that rise daily, and turn them into stress which turns into pain and other health issues.

    My husband knows I have been having my heart pounding. He comes home from work and talks about his day, his life. Not a word about my health. I guess he takes it for granted I feel lousy. I have to be prone on the floor before he notices as his life is more important, he has a job and does most of the work. I feel very small.

    I am constantly humbled however by all those warriors here, and the problems they face, and then feel guilt that I am so weak.

    I check this worship board many times a day, and I try hard to respond to as many posts as I can. God has given me this small mission to distract and guide me away from being self centered about my own situations.

    I also have the burden of having elderly parents who live 1,800 miles away. We have not spoken in 13 years. I had to stop the emotional abuse. My sister is there to take care of them.

    A mother's love is a basic instinct. Animals show it. Yet my own mother has disposed of me entirely, and told my father and sister to do the same. I can barely get my own grocery shopping done let alone consider jumping on a plane and helping them. Alas, I am not wanted there anyway.

    But, if my own mother can't love me, ..............

  3. caffey

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    Thank you so much. You are such an answer to prayer. I have been praying for months that God would enlarge my territory ( my support system) and He sent you along. God Bless you for your faithfulness and sensitivity to His Spirit. I am trying not to think about the fibro it is too overwhelming. I am still waiting for an appt. with the pain specialist. I have had a "cold" for over 2 weeks. I am on antibiotics and on top of it I have my 3rd bladder infection in 2 months. I don't have much immunity so when I get something if it isn't treated aggressively I end up in the hospital in a life threatening crisis. On the bright side things aren't as dark emotionally as they were last week. I really love and appreciate you taking the time to pray for me when you have your own issues to deal with. Keep in touch.
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    Your a precious person, Thank you for your care and prayers,
    I've been so wiped, i can hardly function, and i've had the racing heart too.
    I had too call my husband home from work in the middle of the night, because it wouldn't go back down for awhile, and i felt really sick all over.

    The next day he took me to urgent care, i had an EKG and blood work, and was told everythings fine!

    My pastor friend prayed with me on the phone, i was in a place of not being able to even pray for myself, He helped remind my who i am in Christ, and i had a sense of peace return.

    Also went to the Chiropractor, and that helped relieve some of my symptom, of pain, and numbness in head, chest, and shoulders.
    I'm still very tired, but i've been trying some new deep breathing exercises, and just relaxing on the floor.

    Asa, your husband sounds ALOT like mine! Bless there souls!

    Blessings to all!