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  1. 143alan

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    I wanted to let all of you know that I just received an email from Cath and they are admitting her to the hospital. She is in a severe flare right now. She has a lot of swelling and is in a lot of pain.

    We all love her and want nothing but the best care for her, please pray for her speedy recovery.

    TN Nancy
  2. bandwoman

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    It is after 5:30 central standard time. I just got off the phone with Cath. She sounds in great spirits but things are not right. She will be going through many tests to determine why she is so swollen.

    She wanted to be sure that you all knew so Nancy TN, thanks for posting. I think I will be in touch with her son to give you an update. She has not left yet. They have to get things ready for her at the hospital so she is actually waiting to hear from them.

    Please pray for her. Thanks.

    Nancy (Bandwoman)
  3. pepper

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    that we are all praying for her. Poor Cath has been through so much lately. I hope that they can figure this out and help her. Tell her that we love her and miss her and are praying for her.

    Love, Pepper
  4. 143alan

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    It's 12:31 and I just finished reading an email from Caffey and she is still home waiting for them to find her a room at the hospital. She said that there are several people on the waiting list to get in.

    Lord we ask that you make a way for Catherine to get the medical attention that she needs. We ask that you guide the hearts and hands of the doctors, nurses and everyone connected with her medical care. Lord we know that YOU are the great physician and healer and we ask that your will be done in Cath's life concerning her health. We trust in your ways Lord and praise you for the blessings. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

    Love You Caffey, hang in there.

    TN Nancy
  5. Asatrump

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    Include my prayers , awful to not even get a room, let alone face whatever may lie ahead.
  6. morningsonshine

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    and others for letting us know about Cath!

    Lord, i pray you open up a room for Cath, and surround her with your love, and protection. Please give the Doctors wisdom and help them to know what to do for her. Give Cath peace of mind, and a calmness in her spirit. In Jesus's name


    Cath your not alone, we all love you!

  7. bandwoman

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    is still home and won't be going to the hospital until Friday. She has an apt with her GP tomorrow and will go ahead with that apt. She does not have to go through ER which she was thinking might happen. I guess she could be there for a very long time waiting for a room so she is relieved that she will not have to do that.

    I know the waiting is not easy for her. Pray that the Lord would give all the doctors His wisdom in diagnosing and treating her.

    I have told her that you all send your love and prayers and they we will all be standing with her through this in prayer. Thanks everyone.

  8. kgangel

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    Dear Manager

    God Bless you for telling us

    I will have caffey in my prayers

    Please keep us updated as you can


  9. morningsonshine

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    Thanks for the update, still praying for Caffey.

    God Bless
  10. bandwoman

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    is not going to be admitted to the hospital until Monday. I am actually trying to convince her that she needs to go the ER because she is feeling poorly.

    Please continue to pray for her. I don't know if she feels like posting or not but I wanted to at least give you an update if she is not able.

    Keep praying. She really needs it. Thanks.

  11. Pottersclay

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    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Many ((hugs))
  12. cyberchar

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    my last email from Cath was Saturday night. She was hoping a room would become available on Sunday and since no email or posts, I guess she finally got admitted today, Sunday.

    Have you ever talked to a more caring and wonderful person in your life than she is?

    Again, sorry to stick my nose in....