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    I am writing this after spending most of this day in prayer and not even realizing it has been hours it just didn't feel like it was very long at all.

    There is such a deep peace in my heart. I can't even discribe it to you.

    If I try, I would discribe it like the feeling you get at Christmas.

    O'h Holy Night, when everything is all wonder and awe,

    When the Word is so perfectly crystal clear. And the great gift of Love has been given.

    Dear Sister, this was my prayer for you and I believe we have been given an answer. Amen. De

    When you feel so much inside you, you never want to feel anytthing else
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    I am so happy for you. There is nothing like those times when you feel God's peace and Presence so strong there are no words just a pile of tears. I wish we could have that all the time. There are times when we get what is called a rhema word from God when it is so crystal clear and you know it is just for you and no one else. Enjoy ever moment of it. I believe that this is one of the ways that the Lord comes and ministers to those of us who suffer from many illnessess and issues. It is something that those who aren't going through tough times will never understand but we do and we have a bond that other don't understand. I am sure if we were talking about this over coffee we would both be crying and that is ok . Thanks so much for your prayers and concerns and for sharing your experience with me. I love to hear that. It just made my day. God Bless you.