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    I am still feeling such a oneness with you and the Lord.

    I can't explain it. But it is a wonderful feeling.

    I am still praying for you, dear sister.

    Dearest Lord, Thankyou for so many answers to prayers. This morning please with my dear sister.

    Fill her to overflowing with your peace and love for her.

    Gaurd her from evil like a new mother watches over her own.

    She has had so many things going on in her life. These things have worn her down.

    Please give her an abundance of strength and energy. Heal her and show her your love for her.

    Walk with her today and hold her hand. Take her to your healing place, and let her know you are with her every steps of her journey.

    These things I ask in Your Holy Name. Amen
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    Thanks so much De. You always make me cry. You have such a sensitivity to the Lord. Has anyone ever told you that you have a Pastors heart? I do have a neat relationship with the Lord. You have the same relationship. It is something that comes from being sick for so long. It is something that can't be described but when you talk to people of like spirit they know what you are talking about. I like to ask people when talking about their relationship with Him. Where is He? Is He in the room where you are? He is standing right beside you. Do you even know where He is? For me He is standing right beside me holding my hand and I know that I can't do anything with out Him. I love Him so much. God Bless you.
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    I grew up in a church that preached hell, fire and damnation.

    It matched my mothers personality. Very frightening to a child.

    So when I was old enough to walk away, I RAN.

    But God understood and never let go of me. I haven't been in a church since. I was 18 yrs. old.

    I have found more love and christian fellowship here than all those years of church.

    I don't want to give the wrong impression, I'm sure there are wonderful churches out there. But most interpet according to there human wishes. If Gods wants me to do something, He lets me know.

    I feel that with you, an honest and real relationship with our Lord exists. We are told WE NEED FELLOW CHRISTIANS. And I agree, but there are many false and selfserving out there and I find my best communion with Him, is one on one.

    I love the fact that Jesus is here with me every minute and not just a Sunday tradition.

    That is why this board is so awesome for me. I can share or pray or whatever everyday of the week. It is like going to church ( the real body of Christ) every day and not worrying if my slip is showing Tee/Hee

    At first when I was given my dignoses I would think, that if I had an animal in this much pain, I would have him put to sleep.

    Now it is just something to work with, no more suicidal thoughts. I think because we are sick, that the Lord stays much closer to us, than we realise.

    So even in sickness he has given us a wonderful gift. And our friendship is the same way. We would have never gotten to know each other, but for Him.

    You have a wonderful day. Are you feeling better? I will continue to pray. De

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