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    Hi Cath,

    What is the latest in your current state of health? I am still praying for you. Are you on another round of antibiotics again? I have been having a couple of rough days but I am feeling better today but very drained. My headaches have been occuring regularly and they are off the charts to the point that I think I may need to get a cat scan. I will see how I survive the week. I have my concert on Wed. Would appreciate prayers for getting through that. Parent teacher conferences are on Thursday night and Friday morning and we get out at noon. PTL I will be definitely doing some big time crashing in my Lazy Boy about then. I hope you are doing somewhat better. Hang in there. This too shall pass. That is one of my favorite scriptures and one I hang onto when I don't think I can hang on anymore.

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    This doesn't happen very often but it happened last night. Sometimes the Lord wakes me up in the night to pray for people and you were one of the people He had me praying for. Don't worry I've got your back. You just focus on what you need to do this week and make sure you eat ok promise!!! Everything will be ok. God has you surrounded. Can you go and get a massage or something nice for you to relax Fri. afternoon and maybe rent a movie Fri. night with some junk food. Know that you are loved and that I am praying, and watching over you. Father in Jesus Name please come and fill Nancy's body with peace from the crown of her head to the souls of her feet. Please in Jesus Name remove this headache. Please pour Your supernatural strength into her from the crown of her head to the souls of her feet. Please bring structure and order as much as possible out of the chaos of this week. When things get nuts please move in and give her such an awarenss of Your presence and the assurance that it will be ok. Please give her patience and wisdom in doing the report cards and dealing with the parents this week. So Father I place her in Your hands knowing that You who have begun a good work in her will carry it on to the day of Jesus Christ. Thank you for what You have done, are doing and will do. In Jesus Name Amen.

    He gave me a rx for antibiotics and wanted me to hold off until Mon. if I could. He wanted to see if my body could fight it. I am still undecided as whether to fill it or not. I was at the pain specialist yesterday. He changed my pain medication. He said it will take until about 11am this morning to switch over. But in doing so I am taking extra narcotics so I don't know how I will be later today. He also increased the elavil a bit. He doesn't want any higher until we get the pain meds straightened out. All 3 of docs. say my body is shot and I need to go and lie on a beach at a 5 star hotel for a week. I said great but who is going to pay for it? Hang in there and when things get squirrely this week tell the Lord to tell me to pray. ( It is ok to do that. Promise) Looking forward to hearing what happened this week.
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    Can I go lie on that beach at the five start hotel with you???????????

    Thank you so much for praying for me. I feel humbled that you were awakened to pray for me. That touches my heart. It was an amazing week and the Lord miraculously gave me strength and took away the awful head pain that I was having. The whole week was manageable and I never felt like I was going nuts through the whole thing. That is a miracle right there. When I felt my own strength weakening He just came in and carried me. The concert went so well. I couldn't have asked for a better scenario. I made it through the teacher institute, conferences and I am still working on report cards. I am actually done with mine. Long story. My teaching partner at the junior has grades he needs to give me to put on my roster. Too long to explain. I had to sit in a meeting yesterday morning and had my head raised to look at an overhead screen for a very long time. Boy did I pay for that. I have had neck surgery and still have lots of trouble with it. My neck was killing me. I even went to the chiro and even after all of that with elecric stim which usually does the trick it didn't. I wanted to take your advice and go rent a movie. However it was raining cats and dogs last night with high winds to boot. I ran some errands and was dying for pizza so I stopped for a pizza. When I was leaving with my box of extra pizza in one hand and my umbrella in the other I get to my car and of course this big truck was up close to mine. I was having a hard time maneuvering all the stuff I was carrying. The umbrella blew inside out with the force of the wind and I couldn't get it back and of course it wouldn't fit in the car open like that. I am sure it was one of those I Love Lucy scenes that you can imagine. On top of that I had the car door open and the water was trickling off of the umbrella right onto the driver's seat. I looked like a drenched rat. I finally got the umbrella folded back and by the time I got in the car I was soaked and had a wet rear end on top of it. The idea of renting a movie at that point kind of faded. I went home and watched TV and that was fine. I slept in today and am going to take it easy and do whatever today.

    I hope you are doing better with your new pain meds. Did you ever have to take the antibiotic? I have been praying for your immune system in particular. I feel if that was strengthed then you could fight off all these germs. I am continuing to pray for you. Thank you so much again for your prayers. I feel like I have good friends from this board all over the country and in Canada too. You are one of them. Take care dear sister.