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    Hi Cath,

    It has been busy around here so haven't had much opportunity to write. I am using my mom's webtv. It is not a computer but is a device where your tv is the monitor. You can access the internet and email. Unfortunately since I upgraded to cable internet I can't access my email from her webtv so I feel lost without it.

    Our Thanksgiving was good. I can't go into detail without more privacy. Let's just say there are some unspoken prayer requests here.

    I am so sorry to hear about this latest in your health. I have not heard of that word before but doesn't sound good. I know the predisone can be powerful stuff.
    I will be lifting you up to Jesus and praying for a break through for you. You are always so supportive of everyone here and you are the one that needs support now.

    I know you are a very strong and tenacious person and that is going to help you get through this.

    I hope you can have some time to just snuggle up with your kitty and relax if you can. Not sleeping is so hard. I will continue to pray in that area too.

    Take care and know that I will be here for prayer support and to just listen if you need an ear. Wish I could drive up and we could have tea and have Pepper come over and we could just have a slumber party. What to do y'all think about that or don't you know what a slumber party is. It's where you stay up all night and get no sleep. Sounds like you have been doing that all by yourself. It is more fun with other people. LOL
    You need a laugh about now I bet.

    I will try to write tomorrow. Take care of yourself and know that I will be praying.

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    Nancy: You made me cry. You are so sweet. Pam just wrote and wants us all to get together for a chat. Then we could exchange addresses if any one wants.( my thoughts) I know what a slumber party is. Now I have to clean up the condo and boot kitty off the bed lol. I used to say if I was to get married again the poor guy would have to take a number to get in the That would be a riot. Pam is talking about expensive chocolate truffles. That would be the only criteria no nutrious food allowed. lol. Today I drowned my sorrows with carrot walnut muffins and earl grey tea while watching a new dvd put out by the Gaithers on Dottie Rambo. Bawled through it. Sandi Patty signing and singing We Shall Behold Him just did me in. A kyphosis is a hump at the base of the neck at the top of the shoulder. It is like the hunch back of Notre Dame. It is the spine curving in and putting pressure on the rib cage and lungs causing shortness of breath and it also puts pressure on the abdominal organs. I kept wondering why Sonja was pulling me off the treadmill this week. It was because I couldn't breathe. Also she kept trying to straighten me up and I was losing my balancemore than normal. Sucks big time. I am upset and I don't know how to vent about it. I see my rheumy in about a week. I just can't seem to catch a break. I feel like Job when evey one kept coming to him and saying wait one more disaster has happened. I tell you I don't know how people go through these things without the Lord and other people supporting them. I think my biggest problem I had to finally admit this week is that I put unrealistic expectations on myself. I am there for everyone else but when it comes to me I feel like I have to present this image of a nurse and pastor. I have to learn to lay that down and just be me when I am in trouble. There is a time and place for the image but it isn't now. I also have to realize that people don't think any less of me for doing that. Am I making any sense? I guess what I am trying to say is I don't know how to express myself. My dad who has Alzheimers just moved and has the same internet setup that you have and he was trying to explain it to me. Now that was interesting conversation. Alzheimers and brain So if you want to chat or talk in code let me know. I know you can have private conversations in the chat room. If not I just keep praying and God will tell me what I need to know. You are a precious person and I was telling Pepper and Pam that I was really spiritual this morning praying for you all while I was doing my grocery shopping. I do wish you were closer. I am praying that this weekend is a weekend of rest for you. Take care. Talk to soon. Don't worry. I am and will be ok. I have just about died twice in the past 2 years. God doesn't want me yet so there is some purpose in all this. So enough babbling. Love ya and praying for you and sending you a hug{{{{ }}}}} and now I am going to clean the condo for when you all arrive ok? lol. Do forget the Baileys Ice
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    Some of you may be running for the hills now. LOL. I made good time considering it is usually like the Indy 500 on the roads the closer I get to Chicago. (That is a race car thing.) I don't know how much you know of all of our stuff going on down here or not. LOL.

    I saw a couple of deer on the way home. I had one run in front of me on the way home before. It was God's way of waking me up because I was getting in that dangerous falling asleep mode that overtakes me so much when I am on the road. Boy did that wake me up for the rest of the trip. LOL

    How are you doing after your carrot muffin and tea? I hope you are doing better. Guess who is going to be in Illinois this month for a performance. Sandy Patti. I was so excited. Fat chance that I will get to see her but I can still get excited can't I. Ha.

    Praying in the grocery store eh? Just don't lift your hands or people may think you are crazy. LOL Kind of like when they see me singing in the car. If I see someone looking I try the ventriloquist routine and sing without moving my lips. Ha.

    Chating would be fine. Finding a time is the next challenge. Weekends are much better for me, Saturdays being the best. I have my usual killer week this week. I have something every night after school except tomorrow and I may end up going out of town then to get my organic veggies since I couldn't do my usual Sat trip there this weekend.

    I will continually lift you up. Yes, you do seem to have one thing after another after another happening to you. You are starting to take after me. Don't do that!

    I am packing up my cookies, fudge and carrot cake and now looking for directions. I figure I will be there about Christmas time. Ok??? Can I bring Mindy with? That's my cutie in my profile. She goes with me when I visit my mom. Not her most favorite thing, I know that! Bye.


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    Hi Nancy: I would love to go and see Sandi Patty. It would be so awesome. If you go make sure you take a case of kleenx. Have you ever seen her sing and sign WE SHALL BEHOLD HIM!!
    I get shivers and cry and cry. I don't know what it is about signing but I cry and cry when I see it. I also saw Dottie Rambo's granddaughter dance to it years ago. Same thing. I was a puddle on the floor. Good to have you back. Sounds like it was a good weekend. Funny story. Years ago I worked in a small town hospital. We didn't have the xray equipment that they have now. So the nearest city was Toronto which was 1.5 hrs. away. So we were always sent in an ambulance on no notice. Here's your hat and coat now go. The other thing is the ambulance was only allowed to wait for 45 min. and the test took 20 min. plus however behind they were running. After that we had to wait for the next ambulance which could be forever. So here it is Fri. I am supposed to be off at 3pm for Christmas. It is noon and we haven't even left. Got the picture? So we get there and go through everything and I am praying like crazy. The ambulance shows up and we are going through the trauma centre to leave and I am saying Thank you God that you came. They are all looking at me. I had my arm up in the air as I was saying it. It was so funny. Then they said we have been trying to get out of the city for over an hr. but for some reason we couldn't get out. And who says God isn't interested in what happens every day. Anyways we will chat some day. Please don't forget to send me my ticket to Sandi Patty. lol. If you get to go enjoy. Still feeling awful but I see my rheumy next week. Don't worry I have been worse. You can bring Mindy. Kitty might have a hissy fit but she will get over it.
    Talk soon.
    Love ya
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    I was telling my mom about Sandy Patti being in Illinois in December and she said she and my Dad saw her years ago in my hometown. I didn't remember that. I see her only on the old Gaither videos that they show sometimes. I love to see her and Larnell Harris sing a duet. Very powerful.

    She is going to be downstate and too far for me to maneuver on a weekend. If I was young and healthy that would be a different story.

    I am sorry you are feeling poorly. I sure hope your doc next week can help you. As you have mentioned that I can call for help when I need prayers you certainly may do the same with me.

    I would love to chat. Maybe Sat. I am draggin my tail today. I did ok until the last two periods of the day and I had such overwelming fatigue. I went for a long time without juicing these past few days and I can really tell the difference. I also forgot to pack some extra bottles of my alternative meds. and I ran out of my thyroid meds and that didn't help any either.

    I have extra at home so I am ok now. I am very tired tonight. I will continue to pray for you.

    Now regarding the carrot cake....LOL

    That is sort of like saying I eat a balanced diet.

    A two pound chocolate bar in one had and a two pound chocolate bar in the other. LOL

    Have you ever heard of the theory that if no one sees you eating those calories then it doesn't count. Obviously in my case it didn't work. Ha.

    Take care.

    PS If I get any SP tickets I'll send you one... or two if kitty goes with. Ha.