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    I am not doing very well today and will send you what we talked about later when I have more time. Something is out of sync with my body and it is making me crazy. I am very shaky. I have been dropping things actually for several weeks. I dropped a bunch of really expensive pills yesterday in the wet sink and I am trying to salvage them.

    I would appreciate your prayers for my body to calm down. I need to call the doc and order some blood work. We do that regularly to monitor my thyroid as he is controlling that alternatively.

    How are you doing today? I am praying for you and for this flare if that is what it is to calm down. We had such a good message at church today. I was wanting to send you a copy of it as they tape them. My pastor said that he was definitely a nonconformist. I knew you would like that. He talked about his huge transformation from the life of drugs etc. He does preach a very real Jesus. I really think you would love him.

    Take care and we will talk later. I have a pretty stressful work week ahead. I could use some prayers in that regard as well.

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    bumping for Cath
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    This is a follow up. I will be praying. I will talk to you tommorrow about the tape. ok? Feel better soon.