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    Our you out there?
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    I am here. I am being good. lol. Watching and listening. That is hard to do when you are a gabber. Having a terrible time with flares and and adjusting meds. Just started a new one on Fri. But I am ok. Glad to see you are back and you are ok. Computer problems are a pain. There is a lot of it going around. I guess that is why they call them viruses lol. I have new program my son put in and I am still trying to get the kinks out of it.
    Take care.
  3. dejovu

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    I've been so worried about you. You have really had alot thrown at you.

    I know that you know ( hmmmm, is that a sentence?) who is responsible for what you're going through.

    This may sound silly and at first I felt silly doing it but now I have seen that it works, and do it all the time. So here goes.

    When I feel that dark presents I tell it to get away from me. I know it sounds silly.

    I was feeling very attacked one day and the words Christ spoke when He was in the wilderness being tempted by satan kept coming into my head. " Get thee hence, satan "

    I'm sure Jesus told me to do this. As with Jesus in the desert, it doesn't make things I'm dealing with go away, but it takes that evil one, stirring up more trouble away.

    And I like yelling at him. It reminds me that he is always stirring up *----*! in our lives.

    You are in my prayers, hope the new meds give you some much needed relief.

    Sorry this is so rambling....the fibro has got me in a bit of a fog.

    Blessings dear one, De.