caffine a no no!!

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  1. arod59_2

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    hey friends, i thought i'd share this with you, (again) lol..caffine is bad news for people with fm i quit useing caffine about 3 years ago an it helped my migrain headaches,also i was having alot of pain in my breasts.does anyone have these prob?

  2. Dadto3

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    I can't say about the breast situation naturally but I must say that I know I can't get through the day without caffeine. My energy level is so low but if I can just get started and stay doing something I am okay for awhile then I pop a pill and keep going. Still tryin to keep up the same pace is probably killin me but I have 3 daughters and I help take care of my ex as needed........
  3. MissRachel

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    Hi Dora,

    I need my morning tea! If I have too many or throw a coffee or tree in there and I feel like crap! I'm trying to reduce my caffine intake, but I won't give up the morning tea. Thank God for herbal tea!

  4. Chelz

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    Hi Dora! I feel one of the best things I ever did for my FMS is get rid of caffeine. I had the same problems as you with breast pain. For me, the problems went deeper than that as caffeine made me nervuous, more all over pain, more problems sleeping, and PMS was a nightmare. I stopped caffeine in June 2002, it wasn't easy, I had headaches for about 9 days. I am stubborn by nature, so I wouldn't give in to the headaches and just take some caffeine. I told myself that my body was so used to getting this stuff, it will take some time to get off.

    It amazes me how so many people start their day off with coffee because they think they need that lift. What they are really doing is taking a drug everyday that causes soooo many problems. People who have FMS already have very sensitive nervous and immune systems, caffeine only aggravates it more.

    Since I stopped taking caffeine, my PMS is down about 75%, I also try to exercise everyday, and take magnesium and malic acid, lots of water and B-complex. If most women follow these changes, whether they have FMS or not, they will see some improvement. I sure did. Hugs, Chelz.
  5. IgotYou

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    I can't stay off the stuff. I know it's bad for me, but when I don't drink it I end up more and more depressed, which also isn't good. So which do I do? I've opted for the caffeine for now, and if I can find some way to balance out my system and stay positive I'll give it up.
  6. libra55

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    I too have quit the caffeine many times, then started again. Why is beyond me. Going through those headaches is pure hell. I agree completely, it's a drug, it's bad for us, but I do love my coffee. libra55
  7. Takesha

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    and it is just short of giving up my coffee. I don't drink soda or tea and I have really cut down on choclate. I pop my pills and do my doc. visits regularly. It's bad enough I have had to give up my career, social life etc. etc. etc. Caffine may not be a good thing but I have to have something left in my life that I enjoy and am able to do! When I feel especially bad...a cup on pinon coffee with french vanilla creamer is my comfort drink...
    I have often wondered what I was willing to give up to "feel better" and now I know coffee isn't one of them.
  8. NanceZ

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    I've learned in the last bunch of weeks that the craving really does pass and I no longer use caffeine to help me get through my days. It is really easy to understand why using any kind of subtance to boost our energy could be harmful......I hope to be able to coninue to fight my constant weariness with exercise (even as little bit as possible) nutriion and vitamnins and supplements.I choose (for now I'm successful anyway :) to strenthen myself with good stuff.

    One thing I heard the other night at a seminar given by a naturopath is that one can of pop has 7-9 tsp of sugar in it.....and one can suppresses the immune system for 24 hours following drinking it. I think this immune system suppression is HUGE for anyone and much more so for us with compromised immune systems already.

    And diet soda simply kills brain cells. The rise in brain cancer is in direct correlation to the use of chemical sweeteners.
  9. Sunshyne1027

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    I stopped the caffeine a couple days ago. Noticed swelling in my legs have gone down tremendously. I am more tired, so been resting and sleeping more. I think its a good thing though, my body isn't being kept awake by caffeine drinks now. Been drinking lots of water. Seeing a difference with that too.

    Took me awhile to figure it out, the caffiene, the soda drinks loaded with it, besides the sugar also. How unhealthy it is. Drinking pop is like drinking liquid sugar with caffeine.

    Its hard, very hard to drop it. Have had some headaches.
    Keeping with it though. Next step is eating more healthy also. Going to a nutritionist next week.

  10. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I was totally addicted to caffeine, but stopped about 10 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did! I switched to defaff and it's wonderful. About 2 weeks ago I had a terrible headache and got a cup with 1/2 caffeine, 1/2 decaff. Well, the small amount of caffeine made me crazy! I was anxious and very jumpy. It did get rid of the headache, but at what cost? I told my husband I would NEVER drink caffeine again! I drink my decaff black and love it!

  11. catsii

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    I gave up caffeine for 8 years and could not tell any difference at all. I didn't seem to go through withdrawal and physically all seemed to remain same for me ! Think I'm weird or something ! I'm careful about my caffeine intake..i have 2 cups..never more of coffee in the morns and i drink decaf iced tea in the afternoons.
    Guess my point is..i think our individual chemical make-up is different for everyone..or at least some of us !
    Good luck and I hope you keep feeling better and better !

  12. MarieTourond

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    decaf coffee, and no tea at all, except decaf green tea once in awhile. But do take pain killers for my osteoporosis arthritis of the spine, which are tylenol 2's, but they don't help the arthritis in small of the back. I don't take that often at times, and then when bad take two a day. But dr says that caffienne is not good for arthritis nor the FM, so why does she give them to me.?????
    I used to have migraines and started drinking decaf about 4 years ago, and have had about 2-3 since then.
  13. Myth

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    I love my diet coke. The way I see it is this. I am not on sleeping pills nor pain killers most of the time- I practically have to beg to get either. Antidepressents make me a zoned out zombie and are useless besides. I need something to help me wade through the fatigue, the pain and the brain fog. When doctors say i should quit that is what I tell them and that shuts them up. Then I say my health is bad and everything seems to be bad for me, I might as well keep on doing what i'm going until the doctors figure out what their doing. I did cut out the caffiene and noticed no benifit to my sleep, headaches or anthing for that matter except I felt more tired and groggy. I actually find it worse if I drink a beverage with suger in it; suger makes me ill to my stomach and gives me a headache and makes me feel more tired. I am always thirty though, so I need to drink something- I drink as much water as I do pop.
  14. pammy52

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    I have taken breaks from caffiene several times over the past 10 yrs..
    Each time I cut back slowly over a 2 week period. Only have 2 cups in the morning and use 1/2 decaf,1/2 caff..
    Works for me. Dont get much in the way of withdrawal headaches this way.
    Usually content with 1 or none cups a day of decaf. after the 2 week period. Use to drink 6-10 cups caff. a day yrs. ago.
    Also find if cut out refined sugars and yeasty carbs the craving for coffee disappears along with the craving for sweets and carbs. I like creamer in my coffee so I switch to heavy cream. Need to use less than creamer because it is richer and sweeter by itself. (This is part of the recommendation for low carb diets)
    I just really like the taste of coffee and I think I find it one of my comfort foods so to speak.
    An iced decaf coffee really hits the spot for me when its hot. Just a nice change from water. I use a little pure vanilla in it. Yum.
  15. mitch123

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    Oh I love coffee, the smell, the taste. A small pleasure I love to indulge, also works a treat to relieve constipation from meds for me.
    Coffee yes! yes!
  16. fibrorebel

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    Only in the morning 2 cups max, but not willing to give up my morning cup! I, too indulge in the french vanilla creamer! WILL NOT drink decaf after I learned of the chemicals used for decaffinating. If anyone is interested do a bit of research on the procedure and I think you will be surprised. More chemical poisoning I don't, I simply have cut way down on my intake of caffeine. Just cutting back as I have I no longer suffer from that awful breast pain and aggravation to my fibrocystitis that the pot plus a day used to cause. love, Rebel
  17. Seagull

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    so I have my two cups of regular coffee in the early evening, with french vanilla creamer. I tend to be hypoglycemic, so maybe that is why it makes me feel so relaxed. It does nothing for my energy levels -- in fact, just the opposite. I do wait to take my ZMA until bedtime, however. My evening coffee is the only caffinated drink I have all day, though -- the rest of the day I drink only water. I get my dairy in with yogurt.