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    You have been on my mind all last week and I thought I'd see how things are going for you.

    Are you feeling any better? Sure hope so, you have got to be so run down from all of this, it's frightening.

    I am praying for you and your health. You are such a strong person and when something like this comes along it not only takes that strength from you, but also mentally it tears you down.

    Please remember that you are missed and I wish I was there with you. I make a mean chicken soup. All my love dear sister. Blessings. De
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    When does the chicken soup arrive? Things have gone from bad to worse. I was off the antibiotics 3 days and I starting coughing up green junk again. They doubled the steroid puffer. Then on last Thurs. I flared big time. RA and fibro. I didn't know that that was possible. Went to the doc of Fri. He had a fit. He wanted me admitted to the hospital for IV Solu Medrol or to have it at home. He called my rheumy and she said they don't do Solu Medrol at home as too many people were crashing from it. She didn't want me to have it because she was concerned about me getting into resp. problems. So long story short they decided to double the prednisone ( now 30mg) for 7 days and then titre back down. I am feeling a bit better but my feet and ankles are really swollen. I have horrible pain in my rt. arm and hand . I have had to dig out my splints. I am frustrated because because I just can't seem to shake this and my body is so tired. Oh well I can only take it a day at a time. I would just like to be stable for more than one day. I have never been stable since I have been diagnosed. It seems like one step forward and two back. I really appreciate your concern and your prayers. It really makes it so much easier going through this knowing that I am not alone. You take care of yourself. God Bless you.