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    I hope you are feeling better today. You are in my thoughts and I know you are there for a reason.

    Of course not sure what God has in mind. I have been in a very strange frame of mind today.

    It is when you know He is trying to tell you something and it coming through in fragments.

    It always makes me happy when He talks to me like this but sure wish I wasn't so thick headed.

    I have been practising getting in the chatrooms, so when you feel better and want to talk let me know.

    Until then remember you are still in my prayers. Take care dear sister. Blessings, De
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    The reason probably is that I am having trouble with my breathing. On Tues. my physio noticed I had decreased air entry on the right side and yesterday my girlfriend listened and said there is decreased air entry on the rt. base so I am now waiting for my docs. office to open so I can go and see him. I also have 2 major appts. coming up next week, one with my rheumy and the other with a pain clinic. My body is just so tired right now. Everything is an effort. I am really getting worried. I feel like I am fighting to stay out of hospital. It is so neat that you are so sensitive to God's voice. Sometimes He is so clear other times it is like trying to hear him through a bunch of noise. I would love to chat. Maybe we can try and do it after the appts. or if I feel better sooner I will let you know. I so appreciate you. I keep your posts and put them in my journal where I can re-read them. God is certainly using you to rekindle hope in me. You have such special giftings. I bet if we lived in the same city we would be great friends. Oh well you never know. Take care of yourself and I'll try and post later and see what the doc says. God Bless you.