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    Just wanted to say a quick thankyou for being there to answers wish_to_be_healthy's post.

    You know you are always welcome and your advice is cherished.

    I felt so bad missing her post yesterday and today I had the dreaded DR appt. so it was late before I could write back.

    You might find this amusing, I did after I thought about it. I had just read what had happened to her, well you may know I have a bit of a temper and somethings.....well lets say really tick me off.

    Lets call them snake oil salesmen and there cousins. So I write
    to Suz and I'm still streaming. I get all done and reply, you probably guessed.....nothing there but your reply.

    I'm pretty sure God deleted my post....eck. I've been deleted by ProHealth before, wonder if they know a higher power is also watching this site. Blessings, De

    PS. Would you mind reading my last reply to Suz and telling me if I am off base or out of line. I don't want to sound so negative. It's just that I have this funny feeling and my radar is going like crazy. Thanks again, De
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    I just wrote you a long post and it just deleted right in front of me. I think the enemy doesn't want us talking. Your post was right. Your radar is the Holy Spirit telling you that something is wrong with this picture. That is good that you are in tune with God. I don't think Pro Health deleted your post. I think there are some glitches in the program. I had a post of mine on another subject go missing and there wasn't anything wrong with it. I am also having trouble getting into the chat room.
    I start by telling people of God's unconditional love for them and how proud of them He is.
    I then tell them about having faith as a mustard seed. I also like to quote some Scripture not books because it is our final authority. If you need help in this area I can make you a cheat sheet.
    Then I tell them they have forgive them.
    I try and stay out of the details because I am not a counsellor and in lots of cases I don't want to know.
    Healing is a process and then I tell them they will be ok in time.
    It is hard to keep our anger in check in these situations. Also we have to remember that it is the junk, in, out around or upon these people that causes them to do this and not them as a person ( usually). I hope I am making sense.
    You are doing great. I am now going to send you a separate post. God Bless you.