calcium caused symptoms to come????

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    This isnt quite true cuz I had poly myalgia rheumatica a few years before but several years later went to a naturopath and she put me on calcium, vitamins and macro biotic diet. That is when my troubles began. Had to give up the macro biotic diet cuz after a couple years. After 6 or so years wound up with the sleep dr. and idiopathic hypersomnia, possible narcolopsy. Hung on for several more months and then had to quit work cuz just couldnt stay awake. Couple months later the fibro pain (same place as pmr but not quite as intense) kicked in. I started to research and found magnesium. It took care of the pain but not the sleep problem.
    My point of all this rambeling is do you think the intake of calcium could have caused the imbalance to occur? I know I have read little snippets here and there that say taking calcium can do the opposite of what we are expecting it to do. My reading capacity is too low to read books yet so my research ability is limited.
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