Calcium/Magnesium Ratio

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    Here is a link I like and sharing it here.....there abounds so much conflicting
    info on the amount of calcium that needs to be taken daily. And NOT enough
    emphasis on the importance of magnesium in this scenerio....I don't think
    magnesium builds up in the body, but calcium can and does in many people.

    In this article a Dr. Abraham talks about having the RDA changed to 1000mg
    magnesium per day and 500mg calcium.....this is about what I do NOW. My rheumy
    has urged me to take more calcium per day and I don't listen to her. She does NOT
    have the answers I like.

    Then getting the correct foods for both calcium and mag.

    Not trying to confuse the issue more, but always thinking about calcium
    deposits that do develop in many.

    I have a friend who's MD pushed her to take "tums" daily for her
    calcium needs and this friend ended up with calcium deposits on her
    thyroid and another MD urged her to have her thyroid removed.....both
    bad choices on the MD's parts.....

    THis friend listened to the wrong MD's in her HMO groups.....I refuse to be
    in an HMO, I am so glad to be able to see an integrative MD who does
    accept my Medicare...I pay my copays.
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    Went into go over the labs from 2 weeks ago and my MD agreed that the RDA should be changed to 1000mg Magnesium, 500mg Calcium.....I told her that is what I take daily, maybe a tad bit less Mag and she agreed with what I do...she is integrative MD.