Calcium Supplements (Too Much)

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    Here is a good article on taking too much calcium supps....I've known of this for years and too many docs keep pushing high doses of calcium....we need Vit D, K2 and magnesium for stronger bones....I take 500mg food grade calcium most days and higher doses of mag and my D and K2.....

    I know some who end up with calcium deposits from taking too much calcium....foods are important and as much exercise as one can do....for bone strength. Stretching if nothing else can be done.

    How Exercise Helps Strengthen Your Bones and Avoid Osteoporosis, Safely ...
    Besides the increased risk of heart attack and stroke, there's another reason to ...

    Well, of course, the links don't open for me here, I have an issue a lot with this...if one just puts in their Search How Exercise Helps Strengthen Your Bones, etc......this calcium article will turn up by Mercola...

    Other Altnative MD's have comments on too much calcium intake too.
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    After my wife started having issues, we really did look into possibly cutting down on calcium. It turns out that in an effort to reduce future problems, we were actually creating them. I think this is a great reminder that supplementation is just like everything else in life – too much of a good thing is not good.
  3. Are there specific signs of too much calcium?
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    I know people who have dealt with calcium deposits, one friend ended up with thyroid removal as calcium built up on thyroid as her braniac doc told her it was OK to suck on tums.....she did not need her thyroid to be removed but listened to her conventional MD and did not do her own research......

    I've done a lot of my own research on calcium vs magnesium NEED to healthy bones.....there are many more ways to get calcium than popping high amounts of calcium tabs/caps.
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    - excessive thirst and frequent urination
    - stomach upset, nausea, vomiting and constipation
    - muscle weakness and bone pain
    - confusion, lethargy and fatigue
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    Dr Oz now recommends getting most of your calcium through your diet rather than taking supplements.