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    Can I please ask, as you are chemically sensitive and itch badly when in contact with your chemical triggers, what you can use on your skin by way of cleanser, moisturiser, makeup (if you can tolerate it)? I am struggling as I am running out of the skincare I tolerate (only have a tiny quantity left) and can't find replacements that don't make me itch furiously head to foot amongst other things (ie headache, eye pain, nausea, muscle pain, severe fatigue, racing heart etc) so I am starting to panic as I have sensitive skin and eyes (rosacea) that can be extremely painful without skincare's a bit of a catch-22... I seem to react even to natural stuff!
    I have put the feelers out here to find out with other chemically sensitive people can use here and last time (very recently) I only got two replies... As you are chemically sensitive and also get the dreadful itching I was hoping you might share with me what you tolerate...I know we're all different but I'd love to know... Right now I don't know what to try next!
    Can I also ask if any meds help you to overcome or manage your chemical reactions...? And, if so, whether you have suffered any side-effects? My doc wants to give me atarax for when I run out of my current tolerable skincare and I have read on the net many accounts from those who have tried it who list awful weight gain and night terrors...
    I would really appreciate any info you could share with me.. I don't know if this is unique to me but if I use nothing on my face I get the symptoms of a chemical sensitivity reaction too... The only thing that stops it in its tracks is using my current tolerable skincare but I have hardly any left at all since the companies reformulated and made their products unuseable for me (reaction!) :/
    Thanks, Caledonia, for any advice you can offer... I appreciate it! Hope you see this :) Shelbo
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    Would you mind if I replied in the next day or two? In the meatime, thanks for sharing with me and for replying in the other thread - only two people responded to that thread but somehow I managed to forget one of them was you! :S Sorry about that!
    I will reply re your suggestions in the next couple of days so if you are able to could I ask you to look out for it? Thanks so much... Shelbo :)

    Ps... Just to clarify, is this the moisturiser you use?

    The ingredients are listed under 'indications'... You use it on your face? Could I ask what you use to wash (cleanse your face)? Thanks :)[This Message was Edited on 12/18/2010]
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    I thought I'd add my two sense. I use the Say Yes to Carrots line. I haven't found any of their products that my skin doesn't love. Both my son and I have extremely sensitive skin and we use the Say Yes to Carrots Shampoo, conditioner, and I think I have all of the lotions and face products they make for the carrots line and a few of the cucumber line.

    I break out like a teenager if I use Aveeno or anything else I have tried. I think it's funny how we can all have sensitive skin, but different products work for us.

    I also use cetaphil mixed with baking soda as an exfoliator a couple of times a month on my face and all through the summer on my legs and arms.
  4. slowdreamer

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    I have discovered macadamia oil is the closest equivalent of our natural skin oil. It can be used to nourish and cleanse with xs wiped off. Helps a lot with dry skin and I get no reaction although i am in the canary demographic. Good Luck

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