Calf Muscle Pain That Won't Go Away

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by granmama, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. granmama

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    The day of my brother-in-laws funeral, a very strong cold front with high winds had blown in taking us all by surprise. My teeth chattered uncontrollable.
    My right calf has been in pain for over a week now. I have used heatpad, bengay, percussion massage, darvocet/klonopin, but no relief.
    What is causing this pain to continue? I noticed the calf is lumpy when rubbed.
    Of course this area of pain has a domino effect, limping strains the knee & hip.

    Only have a shower, so no soaking in hot tub. What would you recommend that maybe I have overlooked?
    thanks, granmama
  2. motherjo

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    Good morning
    Yes I know what you are talking about it has been 3 weeks ,now that I had a leg cramp it just want go away.its a deep kind of pain. So if any one out there no a cure let us know, keep smiling motherjo
  3. Kelly12

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    Calf pain and 'charley horses' can be a sign of low potassium. Since potassium is dangerous if it is either too low or too high, it is not a good idea to take a supplement without having a blood test. You can try eating a banana every day as it is a safe source of potassium. If that doesn't work and the calf symptoms continue you should mention them to your doctor and ask for a potassium test.

    Take care,

  4. granmama

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    Hi and thank you for your suggestions. I had not considered stretching the calf muscles, but I will begin.

    As far as blood clot, well, I do know that my serum iron is building back up and when that happens, my blood tends to get thicker.
    My husband has always wondered if I had poor circulation in my legs. I've been on a diuretic for over 5 years to keep swelling off legs. I will mention this problem to my primary next 6 month follow up in March. Docs have suggested that I wear those socks designed to provide better circulation.
    Maybe it's time to drop the pride and look into those soon.

    I have returned to K-Dur (potassium supplement) after labs shown in Oct. that it was low. I stopped because they are so darn hard to swallow.

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  5. karen55

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    in one of my legs since my first ruptured disk in 1996. This is the leg I have nerve damage in. I stretch this every day, but it never completely goes away. Sometimes it feels like it's bruised, like it's been punched.

  6. LadyDragon

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    I usually have severe calf muscle pain when I'm in a flare... that, along with the chattering teeth, etc. I've discovered that keeping my meds as consistent as possible usually helps.... that and stretching. I usually go into a flare when I try to slow down or stop a med. or when the stress gets to be too much... good luck, and (((hugs)))