CALGARY great LASAR dentistry place for FM/CFS patients

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    I went there today. It's in the NW. The dentist there has been practicing dentistry since like 1980, and was an anesthesiologist before that. She's really nice too.

    With lasar dentistry, they just zap the cavity right out with a lasar, NO PAIN, NO NEEDLES, no anesthetic. Okay, I've got your attention now. :) Some teeth though, will still need freezing, just so you know.

    The clinic treats 11 fibromites currently. The assistant who worked with me today had fibro and CFS too.

    It's a very small clinic, without harsh chemical smells. Sound bothers me, so they turned off all the music for me. They scheduled my next appoinmtment for when there won't be other patients, so then it will be totally quiet.

    I have a fairly minor cavity in a back tooth. That will need freezing. I told them that I shake off anesthetic more than most people, so they said, joking, that they would numb me from head to waist if I needed it. The other tooth has a chipped filling, and they don't expect to need to freeze that one at all, just use the lasar.

    I don't know if I'm allowed to give the dentist's name here. But if you live in Calgary and have a phone book, she's the only lasar dentist in the NW. The add says she speaks a number of languages, and has a purple stripey design. Sorry to be mysterious.

    If you're here on this site, live in Calgary, Canada, and need dental care, look her up. She even took my unexplainable tooth pain serriously and reffered me to a specialist to check out the muscles and nerves and stuff, and to make sure the root is okay - even though it looked perfectly fine on the x-ray. She keeps up to date on all the latest dental techniques. And she's very very very nice!

    For those not in here Calgary (hopefully you live somewhere warm and dry with palm trees - ha ha!), check your phone book for lasar dentistry places in your area. If there's a website listed in the ad, you can check out the bio of the dentist before you go.

    And, no worries, it's not more expensive than regular dental care. :) Go lasar!
    (((toothy kisses))) Shannon
    P.S. They let me choose a ring out of the prize bin. Now isn't that nice? :D
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    I have no dental coverage right now, but when I do I will look for that here ( in the states).

    i have two capped teeth ( root canals) that are beginning to bother me, I am afraid they will have to be pulled. No laser for that.:)

  3. darude

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    Can you give me her name and I will look up as I would like to see her for my ongoing problems Thanks/ I'm wondering about extractions.
  4. Shannonsparkles

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    I don't know if this post will get deleted or not (can we share names of doctors we like?) but here goes!

    The dentist I saw was Dr. Sylvia Kowalewski. website: She's in the Foothills Professional Building.

    I don't know how she is for extractions, but she could probably refer you to someone if she knows someone better for you. May as well get the best! :) Even if your treatment doesn't involve lasars and has to use anesthitic or drills (lasers don't work on metal fillings), it's good to know you're using a skilled lady in a peaceful environment.

    I knew I'd probably need some numbing. I just wanted to use somebody really experienced this time.

    The last place I went to, the assistant was a teenager (nothing against them) wearing hiphugger jeans (hey, they have their place); when she bent over to get something from a cabinate, did I ever get an eyefull of... ahem, cleavage. The assistants didn't do good work at my old place, and I didn't have a lot of faith in my old dentist. I just picked the place because it was close to my house.

    But, like with doctors, there are dentists, and then there are DENTISTS. :)

    Anne, let me know how you like her if you do get to go. I'm really on my toes listening to your dental story.

    Are you still hurting from your last extractions? Are they healing well? How soon will you be getting the others taken care of? And are you stuck with baby food for now?
    (((gentle hugs for anne)))
  5. darude

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    I will make an appointment with her. I'm fine had pain for a day now normal. Just got quote from dentist to remove rest of top teeth and put in a denture and was over $6000.00. Also when I asked him if he used a dam to remove the mercury ones he said NO!!!!!!!!!! Right now I just want two other teeth removed as I have a denture already. Always good to get a second opinion.
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  6. Shannonsparkles

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    Oh, lordy, how did you ever get by with such a ham? Do dam for mercury removal? Does that mean that some of it could have been absorbed into your body? Sorry for the expense too. Someday I would really like to have it explained to me why dental work costs so much. Maybe I will start a thread on it, titled, 'The Mysteries of Life.'

    Hope you like the new place. Be sure to ask for a ring from the prize box if you go. They're really quite pretty. You wouldn't know it was for a child. I'm going to get some in the other colors on my next visits. I'm ridiculously easy to please with the little things in life. ;) lol

    So... ten or so down, two to go?
    (((love))) Shannon