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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by encantare, Sep 6, 2006.

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    I'm new to the California area, and I started seeing Dr. Stuart Silverman (not impressed by him at all). He immediately stopped all of my meds (brining my life to a total stand still...a painful one at that!). I need to find a pain managment specialist in the area that is willing to help me work on my syptoms. Anyone got any good ones? I'm looking preferably for a woman, who is very, very compassionate and had a good bedside manner. Any ideas would be great. Also, anyone have any feedback on Dr. Nirmala Hidalgo at the UCLA pain management center? Thank you in advance for any help!
  2. encantare

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    I'm in the valley (Burbank). And thank you! So far, so good! Except doctors of course!
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    Welcome to Southern California. Welcome to this board. Sorry you are here. You will get lots of good info from the members. Some people have great luck with doctors, and some do not. While I do not personally know Dr. Hidago at UCLA, I have had experience with UCLA specialists and have been impressed. You could also go click on the tab that says DOCTORS at the top of this page. Might help. Another place to look is the State Board of Medical Licensing. You can find out when/where the doctor was certified in which specialties and you can find out if he/she has had any disciplinary action taken and what was the result.

    Obviously, it is best to get a more personal referral. I am way down in the South Bay (San Pedro) so my doctor would be way too far out of your way, plus she is only Board Certified in Internal Medicine. I am not going to a pain clinic at the moment, and I have not taken narcotic pain killers in about 5 years now. Pain is still there, I just deal with it differently now.

    Good luck to you and welcome. Also, you might want to fill in more info in your will help people get to know you. Also, tells us all what diagnoses you might have.



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