call from ltd company saying to get better see a physc.

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    lady called confirming a IME with a pain mgmt dr for me this week. Appt being paid from ltd company. I have read that do this to get you denied to stop paying? She went on to say the chronic fatigue i have along with my pain ( i'm dx with lupus and fm) would be fixed by going to a physc. that just was mental illness. And why i refuse to see one? i said i never had been told by my rhuem. or counselor that treats me that i needed to! She was rude the whole time and made alot of accusations. Anyway i was very stressed all day yesterday and needed to vent. Needless to say i am going to appt my husband will videotape it. I have read some posts on here about doing that.
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    The doctors will read into anything you say and twist your words. Some will even down right lie!

    The doctor that my insurance company sent me too wrote that I had mild pain during the exam....I was crying when he was pressing certain areas! Thats mild!!

    Take your husband and have him record the whole visit. The doctor may seem to be your trusted ally...but its all a scam!

    Take Care

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    She is incorrect. M.E./CFS has been classified as a neurological illness by the WHO since 1969, & America has signed to abide by these clasifications.

    ME/CFS is an acquired organic, pathophysiological, multi-systemic illness that occurs in both sporadic and epidemic forms. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ICD 10 G93.3), which includes CFS, is classified as a neurological disease in the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Chronic fatigue must not be confused with ME/CFS because the "fatigue" of ME/CFS represents pathophysiological exhaustion and is only one of many symptoms. Compelling research evidence of physiological and biochemical abnormalities identifies ME/CFS as a distinct, biological clinical disorder."

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    I have seen 2 pysch.'s with my husband in tow. I have a dx of RA,stenosis,
    FM,partial blindness among other things. This is my second time around with ssdi. The doctors do lie . I used to work with doctors and even the one that diagnosed me with FM (because he didn't know about the RA at the time) said that he thinks FM is a psychosomatic disorder. However not cfs . Which they feel is neurological.
    The problem with autoimmune diseases and FM is the the symptom are very similar. Since the doctors by law have to dx. you with a problem it's
    easy for them to say "somatic" and send us to a psych. . SSDI have to go on Written Facts and so far there is not enough to prove that FM doesn't
    have some association with depression or anxiety . Which can cause pain and fatigue . But RA and lupus also can cause depression and anxiety. I personally believe that FM is not a psychosomatic illness but they (the researchers) need to get FM clearly written so that SSDI will stop treating us like mental patients.
    Anyway what I meant from the start was that I say two psych.'s and said "no mental problems" that is to my husband and I during the visit.
    Now during the follow up with my GP we were told the I have depression and get this an adjustment disorder? Which is there is no such thing as an adjustment disorder and yet to this day it's on my records. And to this day no matter how hard I try they still are pushing to get me to take antidepressant again.
    So my long winded point is "don't believe the doctors all the time".
    Get your medical records, and do see a psych to prove that you are willing to jump through any hoops to be healed.
    Build your case with Lupus being your primary dx and FM and secondary. Your case will hold more weight. With SSDI it all in how you word things .
    Hopefully someday the medical community will get it right about FM .
    Fm is not a psychosomatic disorder and there needs to be more government documentation on that.

    Hang in there and fight them .

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