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    Sorry I did not get back to you. I have been sick and then went out to do stuff today. Hope you get this. The pain clinic did an evaluation, forms fillout and a hands on exam for starters. Reviewed what I had already tried and then made a suggestion of what we could try and do next. I was always allowed to ask lots of questions and any information I brought in about a new drug or treatment he would tell me all he knew about it and then we made a decision. Always at the end of the visit he dictates notes about the visit into his "dictphone" or whatever it is while you sitting there so you know what is going in the notes and also can flag him and make a correction then and there. Occasionally he would forget s omething, stop and ask me then go on with his dictating-very nice approach. They also set me up with a pain pschologist who really did alot for me. I cannot say enough nice things about my experience there even though I only saw the one DR. (you always see the same one never anyone else). This man held my hand when I didn't want to live anymore and talked me through many a rough patch with trying different things. If he ever did not have an answer (rarely) he would say so then proceed to decide how we could find out about whatever it was I wanted to know.
    I to have been in two car accidents, like you and both have had a radical impact on my life-had to completely change it.
    I do hope you will have sucess in finding someone to help you. The pain never goes away but with it in the background you can sure have a better quality of life.
    Best wishes and I will try to check in on this post to see if you got it.

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