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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Goldenlight, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Goldenlight

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    Hi all,

    I've read that some of you have had good luck using Allsup for disability claims. I called them today for information. Because I have my own business (that I'm too sick to do much with) and work about 1-2 hours a month and because I chose the holistic route of healing -- a naturopathic doctor, stress management classes, meditation, improving nutrition, energy healing (I'm now a reiki master), etc. they will not represent me. I must not work AT ALL and have significant medical records from conventional m.d.s showing nothing is working and I am now 100% not able to work with no forseen chance of improvement. They were very kind and helpful to talk with on the phone. But now I feel that all the best efforts I've made, especially over the last 4-5 years, are all for nothing. Not only have I not improved, I have gotten worse, and now am light years (probably) away for even filing a disability claim. This rock and hard place is really tight and its really painful. I don't see a lot of options. Guess I can start in with conventional doctors -- but it is so against my nature to take that route and I am EXTREMELY sensitive to normal prescription medications (have had some scary things happen in the past taking "safe", "regular" dosages of medications).

    So -- I guess I'm venting. I really HATE this. There must be some light somewhere. I know you all are going through equally difficult situations and more. Its "funny," though as I have had a bad cold this week -- how it is recognized as being sick having a cold but many days I feel MUCH worse than just having a cold and people don't know it or understand it.

    Thanks for the vent session.

  2. Goldenlight

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    Are you on disability? What was your experience like?

    I was also told that if I refused any medication or treatment by a medical doctor that would be grounds for not approving the disability claim. They gave the example of someone having a back injury and having their doctor recommend surgery and pain medication. Because the surgery was risky the person refused the surgery and didn't want to deal with the side effects associated with pain medication, social security denied their claim saying they didn't do all they could to be healthy enough to go back to work. I got the impression I would have to do everything the doctor recommended based on the above story AND then not get better until the point in time when the doctor would say I was 100% disabled. Geesh.

    Well, thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I wish the best for you. And if you have any further thoughts please send them on.

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    I agree that you should start having your health problems documented by the kinds of doctors they want to hear from.

    As for meds, good advice to take in tiny amounts. Also, and this is important, the doctors will put it in your records that you have tried a medicine and had side effects which caused you to discontinue it. It shows that, in their twisted view, you are "trying" to get better.

    Also, MD's sending you to PT or other therapies looks good in the file.

    The therapies you are currently using are also considered as evidence that you are trying to get well. You just need the traditional MD's too and one who will support your application in a strong way.

    I saw an internal report written by the doctor who reviewed my application for STD and it was a shocking thing to see, believe me. They try to twist every single thing against you. However, they mentioned things like me doing yoga every day as evidence that I was trying to get better. It's a twisted universe with any kind of disability.

    They also look for longevity with the same doctor so find one who is sympathetic (yeah, right, real easy) and stick with her/him.

    I despise my doctor but had the presence of mind to realize I needed her in my corner. I've had to be very vigilant so that she doesn't harm me with some of her heavy-handed prescription writing. However, she's been with me first hand since this began and has supported me with disability.

    Good luck.

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