Called Dr. Charles Lapp Office Today..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. greatgran

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    I am only 3 hours from his office so called to see about an appointment and more info on him and exactly what he does. Well, first of all he doesn't accept any insurance, he will give you a bill for you to file . His fee is up front $381.00 and hour and his first visit is 3 hours, other visits are the same but usually are only 2 hours..This does not include any labs, test, treatments etc. for some reason this sent up a "red flag" for me, is he all about money.

    Since I am on medicare it will not pay anything, no way I could afford him and even if I could , there again is that red flag.

    Has anyone been to him, know anything about his practice is he that good etc..I do know that he and Chenney were together at one time.

  2. bakeman

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    isn't this same dr that is interested in Guptas B.S. amigdala "theory"?
  3. jasminetee

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    his fees remind me of what I paid to see Dr. Rosenbaum in Marin County, CA. IMHO, these doctors are taking advantage of desperate CFS patients who are trying to get well. It's really a shame. The only thing that helped me after spending close to a year going to Rosenbaum was Psyllium which is the same stuff that's in Metamucil.

    It was nice having a doctor who believes that CFS is often a crippling, disabling disease and it was nice having 45 min. with the doctor instead of 5 min. per visit but these doctors aren't privy to any treatment for us that we can't find out about ourselves on the Web.

    I'm glad you saved your money.

  4. aftermath

    aftermath New Member

    You are absolutely right in that a lot of the doctors are taking advantage of this community. Still, supply and demand rule. Right now, the supply of physicians who are capable and/or willing to treat this illness is so low that they can command any price.

    Hopefully, if Ampligen is approved, it's going to generate more interest--both with physicians and the industry that sees profit in treatment.

    It's also a great point that there is really very little any of them can offer us right now.

    I know what it's like being sick, being willing to spend your last dollar in the hope that someone can find something with *you* that they missed in everyone else.

    Regrettably, it's not going to happen.

    Our money is better spent with the CFIDS Association than on more doctors appointments and/or supplements that are unlikely to produce returns.
  5. greatgran

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    Thanks to each of you for your replies. I just couldn't believe the expense and there is nothing he can do because as for now we all know there is no cure. I can treat my symptoms with my regular doc but at the best the suffering is still bad.

    God Bless ,

    LISALOO New Member

    i know some drs don't accept insurance but have you self submit because 90% of insurance companies will not approve an apt that lasts 2-3 hours. I know mine will only approve so much of the apt with drs who spend more time with me. Like they'll pay half, because if I went to a general practioner who would spend 15 minutes with me, would only charge $150. So they don't want to pay out more more $150.

    A lot of the Chronic Fatigue drs will spend more time with you so they charge you essentially for more than 1 apt. So I blame insurance companies.
  7. stschn

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    When I was to sick to make the Stanford trip in Feb and I had to call and cancell I was told they would have to put me on a waiting list. I was #14. (I'm #4 now) because I was pretty sure the side effects of Valtrex was what was the problem and I wanted to thy Acycovir I made an appointment with Dr. Madill (on the cfids honor roll and only 70 miles round trip). I had seen him in 1989 and he was the first to talk to me about CFS and he did help me get my SSDI. I stopped seeing him because of the distance and he really couldn't do anything for me. At the time I knew he was following Dr. Petersons work and even wrote a forward in one of his books. This appointment cost me $250. and was one hour long. What I learned from the experience was that I was more up todate on research on me/cfs than he was. First he sent a form to bring in to my appointment all the questions made me feel like I was in a shrinks office-which by the way I told him. He said I didn't need an antiviral and that Valcyte didn't help anyone I told him it helped me and I know of others that have had improvement as well. He said there is such a thing as a placebo. When I told him I had been referred to Pacific Fatigue Lab and how much they have helped me he said I should be doing graded exercise. I have now read that there ar 400 scientific papers written on why that is harmfull to us and PFL has published a study of 1,000 me/cfs test that prove why. My PCP helped me with the Acyclovir and I wish I'd sent the $250 to a food pantry.
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  8. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    saw him once.. total cost $1,000 .. forget how much insurance paid. Not much.

    Totally useless. Sent me away with an rx for cyanocobalamin, some vits and told me to see Dr Papernik who was closer to me. He was also pretty useless..aka "unable to help me."

    He might be helpful with trying to get SSDI. otherwise i think he's pretty clueless.

    Nice guy though!

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