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    I just called the only GI office in town and I can't
    get an appointment until August 29!!!!! OUCH!!!
    I told her to put me on a cancellation list. As if
    I can do it on short notice! LOL

    Believe it or not, I got up at 9ish this morning.
    For those who don't know me, it is a miracle.
    However, I had about 3 1/2 hours of sleep and right
    now I feel very exhausted and have a headache.
    The reason I got up was because I was too
    anxious about my bowel troubles. So, now
    I get to wait until Aug. 29. How horrendous is that?

    I will call one of my smarter drs of the three I have
    and make an appt with him and see what he can
    do for me. The other two are either a waste of
    time or treat me like a piece of furniture.

    I need to strip and make my bed. It induces dry
    heaves in me when I make it. My back also starts
    to spasm. I used to have my mother make my bed
    but since her cancer diagnosis, I no longer ask

    Hot tub here I come!
    Definitely going there a a couple hours.
    I will need it after making the bed, I am sure.

  2. Applyn59

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    So we are in the same boat. Yuck. Sinking fast!
    Do you mean an endoscopy? I know I will have to have the colonoscopy because there is a lot of cancer in my family.

    I had an endoscopy prior to my gallbladder surgery.
    I was a nervous wreck about it. I had a fever and a sore throat when I went and wasn't sure they would even do it. For me, the worst part was when they sprayed my throat. It made me choke. I had a sore throat to begin with so I am not sure if that is why or not. I tend to gag easily. It felt like they were spraying gasoline in my
    moth. I didn't think they were going to be able to do
    it. But they did and the next thing I knew, I was awake.
    I have no recollection of the procedure after the
    spraying incident. I am worried that I will have to have
    another one. I am somewhat concerned that I have
    a gallstone stuck in my bile duct. For that, they need to
    do an ERCP which is kind of dangerous. I don't
    want to do that. Someone somewhere (wish I could
    remember where) said they had ct scan to check
    for that. Will need to investigate further.

    I don't know what I am going to do about this.
    I can't wait until Aug. 29. They told me that they
    will put me on a waiting list. I had to wait about three months for them when I had my gallbladder problems and could not wait it out. I ended up going out of
    town and got in within two weeks. I am wondering if I should do this. The GI I have the appt with is also
    out of town if I want to go an hour away, which I don't.
    I need to find people to take me to out of town
    appts. Also, car rides are murder on my back.

    Nothing is every easy. NEVER!
    Hope you're feeling better. One thought for you.
    Do you have GERD. Do you take something for it.
    Several years ago when I was doing the same thing,
    they gave me Prevacid and that helped with the
    diarrhea. Excess acid can cause it.

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    They said that if I made the apt with the NP I could get in the next week and if I needed to see the doc or have testinf done she would be able to consult with him during my apt and make the decision. I am now honored with an upper and lower scoping, Lucky me. But, at least it all get's checked out a 3 weeks before the apt. they had to first see him. just thought I'd share If no NP how about a PA.

    Good luck and take care, Kim and Gary
  4. Applyn59

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    I don't think they have them there. I expressed my
    concern about waiting so long and she didn't
    offer me any other option except to go to the
    hour away office. They only work a few days
    in the office. Long trips are hard and I already
    have to round up rides for Lyme appts!

    good luck.
  5. Jen F

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    sorry to hear that you have such difficulty even making your bed.

    You know, it's been ages since I made my bed.

    didn't think about it til now. Because it is somewhat strenuous and doesn't have to involve any personal decision making, i get my homemaker to do it.

    That way I leave my energy for doing other things such as paying my bills.

    Any way you can get homemaking help?

    I had gov't paid help when I was on welfare awaiting disability benefits, but the help I have now is a low-cost help provided by a non-profit agency that helps seniors and the disabled.