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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by caffey, Mar 29, 2007.

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    I have both ra and fm. Fm is a recent diagnosis so I am slowly trying to understand it. Anyways long story short. I am writing for a friend of mine. She has been told to apply for CPP and ODSP ( the Ontario Disability Support Program). Her doc. says she has chronic pain and doesn't believe in fm. She has done her research plus some of the meds she is on are the same ones used for fm. Because of applying for these pensions she isn't allowed to have a new doc. fill out the forms. I guess what I am trying to say is are there investigations that she can ask him to do or questions to ask him to get him ( hopefully) to change his belief in fm.? Am I making any sense. App. she has less than 90 days to do this. She does have some xray reports that mention dd in certain areas of her hip, back and neck but I don't know if that is enough. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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    In my experience, the pension plans are more interested in how your illness affects your life than they are about a specific diagnosis. We know that there is no definitive tests for Fibro other than tender points.

    What is crucial in the application is to clearly and specifically indicate how your life is impacted. Medical opinion is, of course, needed for back-up but many people qualify with chronic pain if they are significantly disabled.

    Some legal advice is always helpful but not absolutely necessary in the first phase.

  3. caffey

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    Thanks so much for all your input. As usual you all are great.
  4. springrose22

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    As pianowoman said above, usually to get disability benefits, you need to tell them how your illness affects your life and your inability to work. They are not usually terribly interested in a specific diagnosis, just how it affects you daily. Marie

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