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  1. caroleye

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    The more disabled I become, the more I isolate myself. Well, this morning I found an old Empath article that totally described the why's of my initial sensitivity (child abuse = brain chemistry stress & increased sensitivity); then onto an NDE, which heightened my Empath awareness.

    And every symptom was listed as a result of this, including fibromalgia. It's like finally in my 60's, I've put together what this life's mission has been about, and how it began.

    Only animals & nature are "safe" & healing for me, unless I run into another positive energy person which will energize me (have a caretaker that does).

    It says we're serotonin deficient which results in our inability to handle stressors of any kind (light, noise, etc.) I know that nature walks increase our GABA, which is also an "off" switch for our overwhelmed immune systems & nervous systems.

    Have had to disconnect from all toxic people years ago, as their energy wiped me out.

    Anyone relate??

  2. NyroFan

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    I got rid of all toxic people and felt much better. They dragged me down and I could not stand all of the questions and their responses. The rest of it I deal with along with the physical pain, pain, pain.

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    There are many ways to protect yourself from negative people and energy. I think you are on a great start here, to a very deep personal quest. Just remember to ask that,"light," to guide you.
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    Wow this is a very interesting subject one that i think about all the time and try to make since of!!...........I believe that if we let go of all the people in our lives that are toxic and abusive that it is our personal statment to them and to ourselves that (no your not going to treat me like that anymore and get away with it!!!................................................................ animals are so so smart!! they gravitate towards people who are loving and who they know will take very good care of them!!..........................I don't if you have ever noticed but it seems that they also mimic the person who they are around and who takes very good care of them!!....................................they seem to love routine!! don't mean to be long winded!! I love my puppies! they are the only ones who don't stress me out!!.....................The isolation thing i think comes with the illness. it's so difficult to participate in the normal rat race of life when you are ill!.....................bless you! Sydney
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    I love my husband but he is younger than me and often he is very negative. Is that why I am so wiped out all the time? I don't know but I do know that it doesn't help at all. I do know we both have a lot to work on with our marriage. He really doesn’t understand my condition yet and I hate to say it but I feel like he is a definite negative energy at times. This really breaks my heart because this is my second marriage and he often says hurtful things and I just have to try to let it roll off my shoulder or just go to bed and try to ignore it all.

    Thank goodness I have three great kids that try to show me love and respect everyday. I just don't know what I would do without them.

    Sorry folks I guess I just needed to vent.

    God bless,
  6. sisland

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    hope things get better for you!! I'll say a prayer for you.........sisland
  7. reenaj

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    I isolated myself more and more. I will visit with family but have limited friends. At work, I stick to myself,work hard and alone. I have zero tolerance any longer for stupidity, gossip and cliques. Animals make me feel GOOD. I had two cats for 17 years and when they passed on, I got budgies, four of them. I love them and they make me feel good to either watch them or to join in their play. My significant other fell from a 24 foot extension ladder and shattered his elbows and will never fully recover. He is also in pain most of the time, so I think it's a bit more difficult than if only one of us was in pain. We are a fine pair in the morning when we wake up and compare aches. Geez. I have very limited toxic people in my life. I can't control who I work with, it's out of my control, ohhhh but if I could have a say in that! :)
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  8. caroleye

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    I lost the website with that article on it, but there are a few books coming out on empaths. I'm searching for those now.

    Anyone read any?

    Thanks & LIGHT***************carole
  9. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    Some helpful books are:

    "Positive Energy : 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love" by Judith Orloff, MD

    "Positive Energy Practices: How to Attract Uplifting People And Combat Energy Vampires" (Audio CD) by Judith Orloff, MD

    "Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing : 5 Steps to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Wellness"

    If you go to Dr. Orloff's website at drjudithorloff dot com, you will find such articles as:

    Keeping Yourself Centered
    and Protected

    Do You Get Drained By Other People's Energy?

    Are You An Intuitive Empath?

    How To Stop Absorbing The Energy of Others

    What is an Energy Vampire?

    How to Center Yourself

    Other books on intuition, empaths, and energy medicine are:

    "Energetic Boundaries" by Karla McLaren

    "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden

    "Anatomy of an Illness" by Carolyn Myss

    "Awakening Intuition : Using Your Mind-Body Network for Insight and Healing" by Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz

    I have gotten most of these books from my public library. Interesting stuff!
  10. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    Great list HOpe..........

    For those who believe that we come to this planet to learn lessons, do you know what your lesson is for becoming an "empath"? I'm still struggling with this one.

    Thanks & LIGHT***********carole
  11. meditationlotus

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    I have been all of my life. And in my late teens, started having preminitions which, when they came to me in a certain way, always came true. I handled it all and kept it to myself.

    I was delighted to read Judith Orloff's book "Second Sight". In it she describes her preminitions which were most often about negative things. She says that when the "psychic" is first opening up, negative future events have a louder signature, and we pick up on them first. She thought she was a freak for doing so. Now she knows it was a normal first step in her development.

    I've always kept my preminitions to myself. But when they are scarey, it is very hard not to talk about, and don't want to come across as a negative person.

    I think for me the key is to trust the "Divine PRotection" no matter what and know that "all is in Divine Order".

  12. Juloo

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    Are you living in my house? Your reading list sounds exactly like mine! I will have to check out the Orloff website. It sounds great -- thanks for posting!
  13. caroleye

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    Just discovered "Skilled Empaths" (google); lots of them; we're not alone.