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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deliarose, Jun 17, 2006.

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    I am wondering how the FFC docs diagnose a chronic or reactivating viral infection -- be it EBV, HHV6, or CMV?

    I assume they do PCR tests and repeat them every so often?
    Can you say how often?

    And what statistical value on the IGG test indicates a chronic or reactivating infection as opposed to a past one that's long gone?

    I just got the results of my CMV PCR test done and the IGG results were 3.53 which the test results say is "above high normal."

    I'm not sure my doc will buy the idea that it's a problem though.

    Any info appreciated
  2. deliarose

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  3. deliarose

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  4. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    wot is the name of the test. do u know?
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    Thanks Pj.. this gives me something to work with.
  7. ldbgcoleman

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    I have been in treatment a year now. I was retested for several things including EBV at the 6 month mark. Then again in JAn. I had the Quest test mentioned above and the EBV was way better ande in the normal range for inactive.gone now. Teh hypercoagulation was completely normal. Teh Nk cell activity was better but the mycoplasma has not changed so they switched my antibiotic for that. I have also been retested for T3 and hormones to make sure i am still on track. I think from here on out they will moniter a few things and only test the big ones if i start to feel bad again.

    Good Luck and I hope you are feeling better! Lynn
  8. deliarose

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    I suppose the question is : are you feeling better and does it seem sustainable?

  9. JulieO

    JulieO New Member

    ...but I have chronic EBV & another virus (escapes me at the moment). I did the hydrogen peroxide IVs at an FFC and my doctor said that they typically recheck things after about a year, which is coming up for me.
  10. pawprints

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    Did the Hydrogen IVs help you feel better? If so, are the FFCs still doing them?

  11. ldbgcoleman

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    I am feeling better. I would call it 75-80% better. Check out my profile to see a photo of what I can do now! I was in the bed by 3:00pm most days but now I am going strong most days. I think it is sustainable but I also think there is no cure and we have to be diligent by pacing ourselves, knowing when to rest and if we start to slip catching it early. i also try to not stress over things. If I get the least little bit sick I stop and take care of myself.

    I also would never have any voluntary sugery like plastic surgery because that can send you back into a flare. I know what causes me to flare now. like drinking too much or repetitive motion like painting. so I avoid those things. i ride my horse almost every day and clean her stall. i cook dinner most nights. i clean my own house but my husband does the vaccumming. repetitive motions bother me.
  12. fmcurepls

    fmcurepls New Member

    It is fantastic that you are having such wonderful results. I will be traveling from Florida to the Atlanta office and wanted to know if you can give me any advice, information, etc. How long did it take you to start feeling better? Did you feel a lot worse before feeling better? I have tried so many things and I am very excited about going. I am looking forward to reclaiming my health and my life. What did they find that other doctors did not?

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