Calling all Georgians, So. Carolinans, and Tennessee folks

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mujuer, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    Hi all. I live in Washington state where it is cold and rainy 9-10 months out of the year. We are looking to relocate to the south. My husband currently works for a dam project at a hydro facility and we are looking down south for different areas for him to work at similar projects.

    We are primarly doing this to help me to feel better as the weather here just kills me and my quality of life has decreased significately. Would like to know from you guys your experience living down there as far as your fibro goes. Has anyone moved down there from a northern state and felt better?

    My daughter lives in Savannah with her family and I always feel better when I go there but it is always in May or June and I don't know how I would react when the humidity really cranks up.

    Also would like to know if there are any good dr.s down there anywhere. I would appreciate in any info. that you could give. Thanks
  2. mujuer

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  3. debhun

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    But I live in NC and I can tell you that the weather works on me badly here. The humidity Is bad here in the summer. But if you need to be warm most of the time Fla is a better place. The humidity is not as bad as it is here. and you have warm weather all the time. I lives there for a few years and loved it. But I love the 4 seasons so I moved back here. The Mts of NC are not to bad on humidity. I live near the coast cause I love the water.
    Well I hope you fine out about the other states
    Best of luck
  4. TerryS

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    Hi Pamela:

    I live in the metro Atlanta area. I can tell you definitely that July/August are HORRIBLE months for me every year. Even in years past (before the FM got bad), I was in pain every July and August...almost non-stop.

    I don't know what to advise you. The humidity is terrible here in the summer. I lived in Tennessee years back...seems like it is nicer up there.

  5. turquoise

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    I have lived here most of my life, and have spent the last several years trying to relocate, primarily for health reasons. The entire area is pretty much a "climatic trap" for numerous reasons. The EPA report for toxic emissions was realeased in today's "Tennessean", and Tn, was the 5th most polluted state in the nation. N.C. was #2, and Georgia #3, by the way.

    As for medical care, it is pretty much a "desert" in Tn. as far as finding even open-minded practitioners, much less "experts" in the field of treating these "orphan" diseases. I personally haven't had a primary care dr. in over 3 years, as I just gave up on what was available, and am still looking. Some of the specialy areas are a little better.
  6. turquoise

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  7. mujuer

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    Turquoise for the bump and thank you everyone who has responded. We may have to rethink this relocation thing and head for the southwest where there isn't the humidity. I am starting to believe that the good fibro dr.s are few and far between. I have a ARNP now and she seems to know more about fibro then all of the dr.s and specialist I have had so far.

    Anybody else there in the south that has any comments?
  8. findmind

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    There is no escaping the pain of FM. Hot, cold, dry, humid, I do not believe it makes a bit of difference.

    I would never move thinking it would make me feel better.


  9. leubie

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    hey pam----------i live in Ga. and ido agree with Terry from Ga. also--------------the heat,humidity and etc.-------------------but when its cold here its COLD--------i always have terrible flares w/ the least cold----------i live 40 miles south of the Atlanta airport------i do enjoy the different seasons-----esp. the fall and the spring--------------i could not tolerate the rain nor the cold--------------i hope that the south works out for you-------------i have the best Doctor------------i drive about 40 mins to see him every month----------he is neuro/pain specialist----------he and his staff have helped me have a life again-------------i hope the best for you-----------take care--------laura
  10. irishprincess

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    didn't move here to nc cause of pain, however incredible difference. extremely cold and painful in ny. so i recently moved here to nc and there is a difference. it doesn't stay as cold as long here/ so in short i feel the cold and it is very painful however it doesn't last as long as it does in ny. in ny you don't see the grass from about nov till april or may. here you get snow it melts the same day.
  11. wrthster

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    I live in Florida and did live in Atlanta. I think you are making a very smart choice by looking to the Southwest instead. I am very strongly considering doing the same. The weather in the southeast is very humid and cold winter with warm humid summers. Dry and moderate to warm heat I think is best
  12. kellyann

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    I live in Ga and see Dr. Bullington at the FFC in Atlanta. She is very good if you can afford her as she does not accept insurance.
    I hope you do well after your move! Good luck!
    Take care!
  13. dixie22

    dixie22 New Member

    I live in the deep south and although the winters are shorter..the summers are h..e..l..l, It is so humid. I have my worst flairs in the summer. We have long hot summers. I think you would be trading on set of woes for another.

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