Calling all herb and suppliment guru's-have sinusitus help!

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    and bronchitis and must be better in 8 days for my knee surgery.

    I am drinking plenty of fluids taking atibiotics, quaifenesin, antihystimine, taking steam baths, lots of decaf green tea for antioxitants and euchinachea SP) this has been going on for about 3 weeks now and I cannot shake it. Plus my ususal suppliments with xtra C. I have heard colodial silver is helpful?

    Any input such as baths with soothing vapors of -----------, or drinking a certain juice I am open to any suggestions. I am getting plenty of rest and being kind to myself.

    I just have to get better before the 22nd or they will put off my surgery and we cannot have that. My husband had to turn down one job already because he wants to be here the first 3 weeks to care for me and then try and find a weekend job. Monitarily we cannot wait.

    My plan is to stay in bed, drink until I float juices and water, lots and lots of water, sleep, take hot steam baths a couple of times a day and sweat this thing out of me. I have not had a fever, but have had chills so i stay under the blankets with heating pad and sweats on. I usually wake up sweaty, and cleansed all at the same time. I am just doing what they did in the old days, soup. hot liquids and lots of fluid. Only exercise I have thrown in there is doing my leg lifts in the bed with my weights for my knee-want it as strong as possible going into this.

    Anywho-----------------ambien is kicking in and I cant spell so it is time to go!

    Looking forward to other suggestions to get past this sinusitis and bronchitis thing

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    I used to suffer with horrible sinus problems and would have to take multiple Rxs of antibiotics at a time. It has been over 2 years since I had an antibiotic, and I have only had one full-blown sinus attack, with a couple of one-day minor attacks. I was able to get rid of the infection in 3 days. I use zinc lozenges (they don't taste the best, and you must make sure you have food in your stomach or you will get nauseated if you take it as recommended, which is one every 2 hours). I prefer Quantum or Cold-Eze...don't get Halls or the other "flavored" ones, as they are useless. If you will do this for an entire 24 hour period, you will be amazed the next day.

    In addition to zinc lozenges I increase my Vitamin C (when I'm not sick I take 3 grams/3000 mgs., but when I'm under the weather I take more til I get loose bowels, then I cut back). The body can somehow handle more Vitamin C when its sick.

    Also, I increase Vitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene, which is non-toxic.

    And last, I do a steam inhalation with essential oils. You put the approriate drops in a bowl of boiling water, place your head over it, and cover it with a towel, to trap in the vapors; inhale for 15 minutes. You can also put the mixture in a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil or even olive oil, and rub it behind your ears, nape of your neck, temples, etc. Here are a couple of recipes:

    Eucalyptus: 2 drops
    Lemon: 3 drops
    Lavender: 2 drops
    (You can blend this with 1 t. honey or liquid lecithin, or 1/4 c. Epsom salts, and add to running bath.)


    Tea tree: 2 drops
    Lemon: 3 drops
    Peppermint: 1 drop

    (You can double the recipe, add to 1/2 oz. aloe vera gel, and use as a chest rub.)


    Eucalyptus: 7 drops
    Lavender: 5 drops
    Thyme linalol: 3 drops
    Peppermint: 3 drops
    Tea trea: 2 drops

    (Blend in a bottle. Use in diffuser, or add 7 drops of mixture toa steaming bowl of water.)


    The following is specifically for bronchitis, while the others are merely for sinusitus:

    Peppermint: 2 drops
    Eucalyptus: 3 drops
    Thyme Linalol: 4 drops
    Clary sage or helichrysum: 2 drops
    Lavender: 2 drops

    (Place in a diffuser.)


    Brochitis rub:

    Frankincense: 8 drops
    Lemon: 6 drops
    Eucalyptus: 5 drops
    Oregano: 3 drops
    Carrier oil: 1 oz.

    (Massage onto chest, bottoms of feet, under toes. Place a hot compress on chest.)

    Hope this helps,
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    My new ent started me on this...and it's the only thing that has worked in 20 years!!

    He put me on

    Prednesone for one month...decreasing dosage
    Levaquin - a strong antibiotic for one month
    PanMist - a pseudoephidrine/guaifenesin combo to decongest

    Nasal rinces - twice a day. THAT is what is doing the trick
    Its worked so good my hubby suses t too!!

    You make up a solution 1 quart of water with 3 Tsp canning salt NOT TABLE SALT, and a heaping tsp pure baking soda.
    The doc geve me a nasal rince bottle thingy...I squirt the rince up one nostril till it comes out the other one...then do the other side. WOW what a rush!! It isn't too comfy the first week or so, but you get used to it.

    I just went for another CT of the sinuses and my DOc was even amazed how much better I was. He swore to me I would need he doesn't!!

    I swear by this treatment....

    Warm fuzzies
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    Heres the best I have found for the Bronchitis; 'Breathe Easy' put out by; 'Traditional Medicinals', its a herbal formula that is wonderful. Can be bought in most Health Food Store's, and even some grocery stores too.

    You need your resistance built up, so try 'Essiac Tea' put out by; 'Resperin Corporation'. It is a miracle formula! Its a blood , liver, and lung cleanser. Its a pain in the butt to make, but its well worth it.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Shalom, Shirl

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