Calling all stained glass people

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckball, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. ckball

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    I went to the Annual Pumpkin Festival this weekend and meet 3 glass artists but they were all from WV, mostly rural areas.

    I asked about their sales and how well they do at the shows. They all had the same answer- not well.

    They made beautiful items, high quality, original work- but it doesn't sale.

    I am curious if others across the country or world have the same problem.

    One man said after 9/11 sales slowed, then taiwan and china started putting the fake stained glass on the market for pennies compared to the real stuff.

    Is real stained glass art going to be part of the past now because our economy can no longer support it? Stained glass is a luxury most people can't afford anymore.

    Any comments or suggestions- Carla
  2. carebelle

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    I love stain glass .I just can not afford it either. I have some glass paintings but very few, even they are getting expensive. If we get moved I do plan to buy one special piece but I will find it after my move to go with my new home and celebrates our change of life .

    I think it will find its way into history as a beautiful art form but I'm affraid the price will need to come down or it may end up only on shelves for the rich to buy or trade.Or left to future generations.
  3. Gail8899

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    The cost of the supplies to do the glass has gone way up, and yes, sales have gone way down because of cheap imports and because people can't afford luxeries like they used to.

    I hear the same story from other artists and from crafters too. Supplies are selling, but finished products are not.

  4. srollins

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    i know exactly what you are saying. i quit trying to sale my dolls for the same reasons. i did the shows for a couple yrs and out of a total of about 20 shows i had one that was a big success. most of them i didn't even have one sale and i had price wise both ends of the market.

    i poured alot of money not to mention the time and energy into doing these shows, i have decided to just enjoy the craft and forget making money.

    besides it stops being fun when you gotta do it.
    at first i took it as a rejection of my work but i don't now because i know when i go to these things there are just some things i can't/won't buy.

    how are you by the way carla, do you feel any better with your mouth and all?