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    Here's one of those kawinkydinks that pops up whenever one pokes
    around in the world of show biz. It's about Graham Greene.

    I'm reading a book by Michael Korda who was editor in chief at Simon &
    Schuster. He was from the Korda family, Filmdom royalty in England.
    In fact, Alexander Korda was the first film director knighted by the
    British government.

    Alexander was originally from Hungary. He was married 3 times. First
    to a silent screen star; later to Merle Oberon; finally to a normal woman.

    There were 3 other Kordas who were film or art directors. I couldn't keep them all
    straight. Anyhoo, Michael's firm published Graham Greene for many years.
    You can read about him and numerous other authors in Michael's book "Another Life".

    Michael mentions two biographers of Greene: Norman Sherry who idolized
    him and Michael Shelden who reviled him.

    Michael paints Greene as a colorful character in more hues than one.

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    Hi Rock,

    I just went back and read some interviews with Graham Greene, to get the flavor of the movie back. Now I feel like watching it again. I think the brilliance of the movie was definitely the collaboration between Greene and Carol Reed the director, and the cinematographer.

    I read a few novels by Graham Greene, and all I remember is a sense of misery. Both in the characters and places. One vivid scene was of large buzzards that daily landed on the rusty tin roof of the protagonist's 'home',in an unbearably hot country.

    Critics always describe his writing as being about 'seediness', and perhaps redemption. That is so in contrast to The Third Man to me since there is a stream of humor of many kinds running throughout. Along with the sorrows.

    I'm going to look up Michael Korda's 'Another Life' in my library. My dh and I just moved this year to a town with a dinky little library. And access to another library in the next town.

    But for 20 years I had a county wide library system that would send books from any town to my home library! So, so good. I could find practically anything. I really miss it.

    But maybe I'll be lucky with the Korda book. I know you've said you have a very large library system in LA. I'm the kind of person who would always walk out with books piled so high I could hardly see over them.:)

    Enjoying your play on the Games. Half the time I think you're serious in "describing" the What Is It, then burst out laughing at being taken in, and your zany inventiveness.

    Thanks for the kawinkydink info.

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    Hi Judy

    "Judy, Judy, Judy." I saw Cary Grant on TV decades ago. He said, "I never said,
    'Judy, Judy, Judy".

    But, of course, in saying that he said it. So it was oxymoronish or at least paradoxical.
    Read a bio of him. And he pops up in lots of other books and documentaries. Many
    comments on his practice of charging 15 cents for an autograph during the Great
    Depression. When times got better, he charged a quarter. Well, he came from
    a broken home and had a rough childhood.

    But nobody was more debonair. He was superb at light comedy. He and Randolph
    Scott lived together off and on for years. Nobody seems to know the exact nature
    of their relationship. The most popular view I've read is that they enjoyed teasing
    the Hollywood press corps.

    We can order books, DVDs, etc here in LA and they will be delivered to our local branch.
    The only thing they won't truck around is CDs. Probably because they are too small.
    Would get lost in the truck.

    In my home town the library was open 5 hours a week. Minnie Trouten was the librarian
    the whole time I lived there. She probably got paid the minimum wage which was 75
    cents an hour back then. We had access to new books through a state program. The
    library got a crate of books from the state every month or two. After a couple months
    they were returned and we got a new shipment. The library itself was part of the
    municipal building. The library room was smaller than our living room. A lot of
    treasures in a small space.

    Whaddya mean half the time you think I'm serial? I am always cereal. Which reminds
    me. I bought a box of Go Lean at Trader Joe's this morning. Maybe I should go see
    about consuming some.

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    Hi Rock,

    I happily found Michael Korda's 'Another Life' in my library catalog. Many good reviews. I'm also going to read another one by him about moving from NYC to a farm in upstate New York. Sounds very funny, and they say he's a good raconteur. My husband kindly picks up all my books for me these days - they will be in my next batch.

    I grew up in the 50's hearing "Judy, Judy, Judy all the time. Now I'm wondering where it came from if not from one of Cary Grant's movies. Maybe somebody did an impersonation of him and it caught on.

    Some of my favorite of his movies were 'Bringing up Baby' with Katherine Hepburn, and 'Arsenic and Old Lace'. He was so debonair and elegant. I was kind of shocked when in an early movie he played a brutish, mean, cruel character. I think that was with Hepburn also. Shows what a good actor he was.

    About books - I spent decades having fun building up a library by going to book sales, and small used-book stores in the city with a cat sleeping in the window. Then my dh and I were flooded from the rivers overflowing from Hurricane Irene. We were declared a National Disaster Area, and mold built up heavily.

    Now we've moved and are downsizing. Got rid of a lot of books, then aired and put others in the sun from our new huge windows. Also a friend came and took 24 cartons of books in a truck to be vacuumed and microwaved! And then returned!

    Everytime I've been able to save a beloved book I'm so happy!

    Well, am exhaustenated , and will go and get some rest now.

    Judy, Judy, Judy