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    friends with an extra minute. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and could use alittle extra support. I recently found out I have some problem with the arteries in my left leg,guess its serious.I go to see my thurasic surgeon on that day. Just when I thought I had gotten my share of bad news...not!!My back surgery is on hold due to this new finding.Im praying that I won't have to have by-pass surgery,Ill find out more then. And yes,I am praying and getting better at it everyday! It's not as hard as I thought. And I know it's no shock to all of you,slowly things are coming around in every aspect of my life. My personal relationship is better,little by little Tony is working and were not homeless and there might even be enough money for something for him under our tree. Life is worth living! Thank all of you who have been so kind to me and have kept me in your thoughts. I will keep you updated on my appt. queenbee
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    Remember the Lord is open for prayers 24/7... He answers them in His own way but He truly does answer our prayers.

    Think positive about your upcoming appointment. I will be sure and make mention of your plight in my prayers.

    In faith,
    C J
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    It sounds like you have alot of physical issues to deal with. Too many if you ask me. I pray for you to become healthy and get through the surgeries that your body needs.I also pray for the doctors who you have placed your trust in to do their best to help heal you, of course with Gods loving hands to guide them. I never realized you were homeless at one time. I also pray for Tonys job. All in All, I ask the lord for the wellbeing of your family. I say these things in the name of our Lord, Amen.

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