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    As soon as I can figure out how to attach my word doc. on my eating and supp. plan, I will post it for you to peruse.
    Thanks for your interest and any input you may have.
    I am in fog mode at present and need to get ready for work so not able to think thru how to cut and paste. Arghhhh.

    Yea..........I did it....not sure how...but just happy to have fumbled it in the right direction!!

    Dietary Plan (anti inflammatory diet)this plan was given to me by the doc I am now seeing at a Wellness Center.
    I found the center on ImmuneSupports Dr. locator.

    Bttld. Water….6-8 8oz. glasses.

    Veggies…mostly fresh, some frozen.
    Spinach, zucchini, broccoli, cukes, some lettuces, green beans,
    Carrots(limited) turnip greens, collard greens, onions(very limited)
    Brussel sprouts (occasionally)

    Chicken, fish, (occasional red meat…4-5 oz every 2 wks at most)

    Olive oil for cooking and salads.

    Eggs…3x weekly

    Brown rice…3-5x weekly. ¼ -1/2 portions

    Rice milk.(use on rice for a cereal or snack)

    Occasional breakfast cereal…organic brown rice cereal mix.

    Fruit…melon…blueberries…1/2 banana…peaches.
    No citrus.

    Still have 1-2 cups coffee daily with half and sugar.

    Only sweetener used..stevia.

    Make lots of salads with above items.
    Dinner is one of the meats and some cooked and fresh veg..

    DR. Tietelbaums protocol…(based loosely on)... as per new docs recommendations and my financial ability.

    As of May 3rd.
    Energy Enfusion mix with Bcomplex. (A.m.)
    Fish oil 1 tsp (a.m.)
    Fatigued to Fant. Sleep formula

    Following supp/meds started on June 1st. at 3-5 day spacing (after results of blood work and food allergy testing)

    Vit.D3 x2 with meals…1 with breakfast/1 lunch
    Sublingual B12x2…1..1/2 hr. after brkf….1.. ½ hr. after lunch
    Liposimilase…x2…1 brkf…..1..lunch
    Kyodophilous..x2…1 brkf….1..lunch.
    Saccro boulardi…x1…brkf.

    Probiotic…started at 4 caps daily…too much at once. Stopped for 3 days then added back in 1 cap daily for 4 days then upped to 2 caps.
    Saccroboulardi…started 1 wk. ago. Upping to 2 caps on July 7.

    Thyroid med..Cytomel x2 (T3 boost) a.m. and 2:00 p.m..

    Daily meds I have been taking for the past 2-11 yrs.
    All have been adjusted over time except Klonopin.
    Synthroid…(levoxyth) a.m. 100 mg.
    Wellbutrin a.m. 75 mg.
    Zoloft p.m. 100 mg.
    Klonopin .5 (clonaz)

    All of the new supps and the Cytomel are per new doc based on bloodwork and health hx..

    Eating plan has been gradually adjusted to.
    Mostly followed at this point.
    Occasional deviations…pasta dish or fries or grinder roll with my turkey,lettuce, cheese and mayo.
    2 outings where I ate picnic foods and some desserts.

    Have just started replacing some of the supps. with things from Prohealth and have cross referenced as close to original product as possible. (based on price and convenience needs.)

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    I appreciate you responding at all considering you are in company mode.

    Will look into the L carnitine... have been eating alot of red meat for about a year now but I know when I start craving a big old steak I need to answer the call.

    The dietary changes have only been since the beginning of May and previous to that had eliminated about 80% of sugars, white flour and processed foods for close to 8 months.

    I will hopefully hook up with you thru chat.

    Thanks for your time.
    Enjoy your company. :^)

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    bumping for dncn........

    You made my day just by not being able to find me.Misery loves company....LOL
    I woke up in a lot of fog today....Hmmmmm.....I suppose the leftover cake and icecream last night has something to do with it.Arghhhhhhhhh.
    Also very hot and humid here today. Does me in!!

    Have a Happy 4th!!

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