Calling Elaine from Granni ! Valerian root !

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    Hi there,

    I know you weren't planning on being here the next few days or so but I just had this question I had to ask. Hopefully, you can answer me soon. I bought Melatonin 5 mg. and it took forever before Igot the Valerian root. WM was out and CVS didn;t have any. I went to a vit shop near my house and got it for more than I needed to I guess but got some anyway. I know where I can get it for cheaper if it works.

    I just noticed today on the bottle tht it says to take one caps either 1-2x a day with or after meals it said. Shouldn't I take it at night before bed? At least that is what I did yesterday. However, I only toon one 5 mg tab instead of the two with it, in case any of it gave me problems. I will do the same toight along with my 1/2 Flexeril which I didnt take yesterday evering. Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early so I will not take the full dose again.

    Also, the valerian was only 410 mg instead of 450. They only had two kinds and the other one was a much more expensive time released. I didn't know they had such a thing. This was the cheaper and had more caps than the other bottle.

    Do you know of any difference in the kinds or types of valerian root and if Ishould take it as it says or at night along with the melatonin?

    I am sure I will think of some more questions but these were the most important.

    Bye for now. I will try again tonight and will take it with the melatonin. Wonder also if 450 mg would be better than 410 mg. Have a great weekend ! Hope things are getting a little better for you with your house and mom situation . Forgot when lil bro is supposedly coming to live with your mom, if he still is.i


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    Thanks for all the info on Val and VR. Do you take valerian by caps or is it the extract? I m guessing you take the caps bu t wasn't sure.

    It seems like I don't have any days that I can sleep in or not get up early but later than I have for the workmen who have been here.

    Do you happen to know off hand what 300mcg. (how many would = a gram of 5 mgs.) I have so many of the 300mcg when I was trying it. Hate for them to go to waste but I have so many left when I was trying it before,

    Do you take all your pills together or sspace them out an hr or so couple hours before bed?

    Gotta run check the Porch real quick and then off to church, TTYL.

    BTW, I went to CVS and could not find valarian unless it was all gone. WM was all gone I know.

    MOre later on.


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    When you bought your Valerian at CVS did you find it by the vitamins and supplements? I looked everywhere there and couldn't find it. I suppose I should havae asked but then I also seached in their sleep aid section. It was not there either. Have you ever found it at Walgreens.

    Hope you had a great weekend before, during and after the PARTY !!


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    Was just wonderfing. I took the VR and 5 mg of Melatonin last night and fell asleei in front of the TV last night. It was bedtimea anyway and I put my feet up on the couch si it waws curtains for staying away anyway. I took then about 1 1/2 hrs before I usually go to bed.

    Just wondering if I should tkae the other 5 mg at the same time or closer to bedtime so as not to fall asleep before bed time again. I guess I could experiment and I could also take another 1/2 pill of melatonin. I still woke up a few times last night to go to the potty. So we will see what happens when I take the other pill.

    Maybe I will call CVS to see if they have the valerian . Maybe they do not have it at all the stores. I am not living in the big city any more :) ! I looked and looked so hard at the CVS the other day and just could not find it or a place they would have it. I know if this works I can order it from a place that also has buy one get one free, etc.

    Hope all is going well with you. Thanks so much for all your info. Morfe later when I know what is going on with me ane my crazy sleep habits. I have been able to go back to sleep for the most part when I have taken any of these things but I still would at least like to limit my getting up to go to the bathroom to at least just once, instead of 2-3x.

    MOre Hugs,



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    I have been so busy that I haven't really had the time to check for your post or to see if you did post today. Yes, I do understnad whta you are saying. Since I had been an RN I understand aboaut meds and am very careful with adding stuff, one thing at a time, in small quantities so I will know if I have a reaction good or bad.

    Now the other day I fell asleep quickly, not sure if it was the melatonin or just me that day . Last night I upped the Melatonin by 1/2 and I am not sure that did a whole lot. Not sure if I will do the same tonight or take another whole 5 mg tab.

    Oh, when I looked again in two other places, Walgreens and WM both had either Valerian root or none .. WM is out of it still. However, I will continue to search for the Valerian and will take the VR that I have right now. Oh, when I was at Walgreens the other day they have VR and I tried to read what it said on the bottle. it said to take 1 -5 at night. That is what I think it said since I did not take my cheaters with me. That was 450 mg. The one I have said to take a couple of times during the day. I think it said one or two. Well, I do not want to flal asleep durijg the day so I will not do that. I will continue to search for the Valerian later on.

    Does your valerian smell bad when you open the bottle? The VR does. You said you take it a couple of hours before bed, correct, all together with you other mes (supps)?

    Well, I know Iwill probably think of something else to ask you after I log off. However, this is it for now. So far I haven;t gotten any big big reaction from both of them, at least I didnpt yesterday. So, we will see. I will continue with my experimant.

    I am just wondering about taking more VR. I will not do so along with the other, I know but might think of it if I have little reaction to the melatonin. Last night i did take it closer to bedtime than the night time. Not sur eif that had much to do withit but I also got up a few times which I am trying to stop already.

    Again, thanks everything my friend. You are a darling for taking the time for helping this old sleepless person ( : ! However, if DH sees me I am always sleeping so he doesn;t realize I really have a problem. He is alight sleeper. I used to be a heavy one but not now - weird. I need a magic potion !! abra cadabra !!


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    You make me laugh. It would be so much easier to help you with the sleep if I were to talk to you over the phone.

    It took a few phone calls until my Brother understood it.

    I’m also not sure when I reply to you ---- when you read it.

    OK, let’s try it again.

    MOVING ALONG to answering your questions:

    == Yes, the Valerian smells yucky. Ignore the smell & just take it.

    == Yes, when you take your SLEEP MIXTURE ( ---- let’s call it that ---- ), it should be taken ALL TOGETHER AT ONE TIME. Meaning, Prescription Meds & the Supplements of Melatonin & Valerian.

    == For some reason, my body is resistant to sleep & maybe you are too. Both my Brother and I are like “knocking out a horse!” I’m suspecting, you may be similar ---- kind of!

    == Since you are trying to fix the sleep, then you have to stick to taking it the SAME time EVERY NIGHT. Otherwise, you may not even notice any results.

    == I use to keep a “Sleep Journal” & that assisted in figuring out what was helping and what wasn’t. I brought my Sleep Journal to the doctor’s office & he was quickly able to SEE what was working and what was not.

    I’d simply just mark it off, like this.

    5:00 PM === Eat dinner
    7:00 PM === Take prescription medication & supplements.
    11:00 PM ==== Go to Bed and Fall to sleep.
    1:00 AM ==== Wake up & difficulty falling back to sleep.
    5:00 AM ==== Finally went back to Sleeping
    6:00 AM ==== Had to wake up to start getting ready to go to WORK

    I was still trying to Work FULL TIME and that is how bad my sleep was. I did not want to walk away from my job, but had to because I continued to go down hill with my sleep being so OFF and NOT REGULATED.

    After making all kind of adjustments for 1 and ½ years, I now fall to sleep around 9:00 PM or 9:30 PM. I sleep THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT. I wake up around 6:30 AM or 7:AM.

    So, each night I am getting a solid 9 or more hours of deep, sound, quality sleep.

    I found out if I had a HALF OF A SANDWICH at 8:30 PM because I was starving, then I would only get a total of 4 hours of sleep tops. The “Sleep Journal” helped me figure out anything I was doing personally that kept me awake.


    == No phone calls after 8 PM because that PERKS me up.
    == No listening to music or watching an exciting TV show after 8 PM because it wakes me up.
    == No working on any projects because then I would struggle to stay awake.


    == Once you increase the Melatonin to 7.5 mgs or 10 mgs, then STICK with it & keep it the same. Do that for at least 3 days and you should notice a difference.

    == Then, if you are still waking up too much at night or cannot fall back to sleep quickly with the Melatonin up to 10 mgs after taking it for 3 days consistently like that --- then you can ADD AN EXTRA VALERIAN. Your Valerian is 410 mgs per pill. If you take 2, then that will bring you up to 820 mgs of the Valerian.

    == You could safely get the Melatonin up to 10 mgs & the Valerian up to 2 pills. Yours is slightly different than mine only because my Valerian comes in 450 mgs capsules.

    == Another thing about my “Sleep Mixture” is I take 4 prescription medications in very low dosages all at the same time ALONG with my Melatonin & Valerian. Again, my Doctor never met another patient who was so “resistant to sleep” as my body is.

    == However, what we did learn, is sound, deep, quality sleep MINIMIZES my FMS & CFS symptoms!

    I think I covered your questions & outlined the steps again!!

    Let me know how you do with the changes, and if you are noticing ANYTHING.

    Anything like ----- Falling to sleep faster, not waking up as often, easier to fall back to sleep after you go to the bathroom, or wake up in the morning feeling like you had a GREAT night of sleep.

    Hugs to you,
    == Elaine
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    I'm not sure about the therapeutics of valerian, but the plant is rather aesthetically pleasing. It has large clusters of small white flowers with a very pleasant fragrance. I think a perennial that dies back in winter. About two to four feet high in summer. Honey bees like it.

    I bought mine online at Crimson sage nursery in Oregon, and the plant is one of my favorites now. Maybe when it gets big enough, or spreads more, I'll try the root. Though, like with wild animals, I'd rather just watch it than eat it. Cheers, mr Bill
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    Hi Elaine - I do know what you are saying even if you might think I don't. I have been writing down what has been going on too. I also have gotten off my klonopin and am down to 1/2 flexeril. Actually I could probably get off it but I will wait a bit..

    Thanks again for the info. I will get back to you when I hae more to tell you. Yes, I also jave been taking the same dose for a couple of days already and will do so again - 1 1/2 Melatonin and 1 VR along with the 1/2 flexeril. I will take the 2 Melatonins probably when I can sleep in more.

    I just didn't realize you could take it so early, like 7 pm like you did. Maybe I have been tking it t o late. I just didn't want to fall asleep too early (-: !! You also go to bed about the same time I do maybe I do alittle earlier. So, maybe I need to try taking them alot earlier that I have been taking them. I was doing so about 9 or so, sometimes a bit earlier and sometimes a bit earlier, when I remember.

    Believe me, when I am doing better on it you will be the first to tell !!!

    Mr. Bill - Thanks for your info on the Valerian and the flower. I didn't know anything much about it.

    Hugs and blessings to you both !