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    hi there could you yell me that web site with all natural info. i had it on my favorites and lost it.

    the chiro wants my grandbaby onsoy milk and i remember how bad that was for kids,

    now ive lost faith in his judgement. thx love gail

    ps why cant i look up your old posts

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    thank you keep safe we have tornados here. keep us updated
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    Hi Gail and Jam,

    Jam-- what's this about earthquakes? It didn't make news out this way but I hope things have settled down. I still keep in contact w/ friends from CA and will check on them. Most of my friends and family are up in the central valley or bay area.

    I had to give both of my daughters goat milk and agree about the soy. They still drink either goats mild, almond milk or rice milk and they can tolerate butter and limited cheese from cows. I nursed them the first year but after that it was the goat! I had to suppliment w/ vitamin d drops but now they add it in the milk. I also give them a supplement w/ DHA in it. I tried soy milk w/ my youngest and she had terrible tummy aches, as did I so soy didn't work for us. Now we do hear so many awful things about it. I may just check out that website.

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    I have a friend here who's doing a Medifast shake diet ALL soy...she's hypothyroid and in the worst mood you could ever imagine, achy and tired and just a mess. I told her she needs to get her bloodwork checked, as she might be doing herself some harm to be on that mess. It's helped her lose about 45 lbs and she needs about another 40 to go. I'll tell her about the website.

    I've been in a few tremors and no, there's nothing fun about them. I hope they settle down!!! We had an actual earthquake in Ohio about a year ago and then one in Indiana several months ago that was felt in this area as well. I didn't feel them but was house sitting and the dogs went crazy.