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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dononagin, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Hey Girlee!! How ya doing?
    I haven't been on the board for a couple of days.. too much going on! Miss Micaela and I have spent the better part of the last two days at the doc's.. Abdominal pain.. she is scheduled for a ultrasound tomorrow.. they are thinking she has ovarian cysts..
    Other than that super busy (when I've been here) at work.. We had stars in the ranch for a couple of days.. remember Allyssa Milano (who's the boss, charmed).. She and her boyfriend Brad Penny (pitcher for the dodgers) are partnering with my boss on a race horse so they were here.. Allyssa is sweet as can be.. running around in jeans and a sweatshirt, her hair in a ponytail and a baseball cap.. Cute!
    Ya know.. I heard from Carrie a few months back.. the only place I see Foxy is the bugz board.. I think the last time I heard from Mad Cow, I e-mailed him last Chrismas! They were doing good then..Definatly been a while!
    I'm dragging my butt today.. One of those nights last night where you look at the ceiling all night and can't get comfortable enough to sleep.. too late to take a sleeping pill but early enough to mess you up good..
    Hope you are having a great day.. Talk at ya soon..
    love ya.. dona
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    I hope they get Michaela's problem figured out, poor kid. Is she still not with the old boyfriend?

    It's been a rough week here. My great aunt died and the funeral was Monday. We were getting ready to leave for it when we got a call that my sister in law's mama died. So yesterday was a day of hospital visiting of a very sick cousin and then on to the Funeral home to pay respects. Had a splitting headache by the time yesterday was over. Now I'm worried, ya know these things come in threes......

    OTHER than that it is a beautiful day here today. Sun is shining and it's in the 70's! Next few days are supposed to be nice.

    At 3:30 Dave and I are heading to Kris's school for a conference with his English teacher. He has failed this grading period. Mind you Kris has never failed ANY class before. His schedule was all screwed up and in order for him to be able to stay in Choir he had to take this college bound English class and this lady devoted the whole grading period to the book... Wuthering Heights! Half the class has failed. I knew I had read this book years ago so I went to the library and checked it out. Two pages in I remembered how much I hated that book. I had a horrible time trying to get through it and I am an avid reader, at least four books a week. Sooooo daddy and I are going to have a little visit with this teacher. Kris has since transfered out of this class but she still wants the meeting... grrrrrrr What a week!

    Is your voice all the way back yet? If Michaela has cysts what will they do? Well better get Dave up so he can get ready to face the teacher!

  3. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Micaela is not "really" back with the boy.. but he is calling the house 24-7 so I think it's just a matter of time..
    I pulled up ovarian cysts on the internet this morning to see if I could get more info than the vague answers I got from the doc.. looks like they will usually go away on their own.. depends on how bad they are. Alot of times they will put you on birth control pills to stop ovulation to give them a chance to heal up.. (which given her age is not a bad thing) I don't know.. guess we just have to see if that is for sure what it is and how bad they are..

    The voice is back.. though my lymph nodes have been like marbles all week.. my health has just been lousy the last few months.. it's like a flare that just won't quite go away..
    Sorry to hear about the family losses..your right.. they do come in three's it seems.. but not always.. so try not to worry..
    Withering Heights.. Uggghhh!! Micaela had that one too in her College prep English.. and didn't read it.. I think she read about a chapter.. I love to read too but that's pretty dry.. These schools..Micaela got a letter sent home for chewing gum! hmmmm.. I told her I guess I can't ground her since I bought it for her! lol!
    Micaela is thinking seriously about going into independent studies.. I'm really not that opposed to the idea considering all the trouble she has had at this school.. She would be able to graduate early and start her college requirements early. They can even get her into a CNA certification course when she turns 16.. She wants to be a nurse so it would be good practical experience.. Joe is worried about her not getting the education there.. but it is a new charter school and very academically sound. She would be doing her courses on line then meeting with the teacher to go over her courses weekly. I don't know.. I have an appt. to meet with them next Tuesday.
    Hope all goes well with Chris' teacher!!
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    tonakay New Member

    Well the little meeting with the teacher didn't last long. Talk about no personality. I got a couple of barbs in and we left. He had already transferred out of her class a week ago so we shouldn't have had to go in the first place...grrrrrr He is going to a career center to start in Law Enforcement next year. That's always been his goal.

    That's great that Michaela wants to be a nurse. That's one thing that I know I couldn't do. That takes a very special person to do it RIGHT. The nurses out at our local hospital leave a lot to be desired.

    Supposed to be warm and breezy today so I have three downstairs big old windows calling my name to clean. Only two weeks til the Queen arrives. She couldn't come for turkey day last year so I didn't go all out on cooking. Also I always put up the tree while mom is still here so she can help. Last year since she couldn't come I drug it out anyway trying to get myself in the spirit. Anyway, it's a pre-lit tree and one third of it wouldn't light. Dave worked and worked on it and couldn't fix it so I opened the front door and kicked it out and said no tree this year and by gosh we didn't have one either. That just ticked me off so bad.... LOL It was nice not to have one to put away though. I told Dave to start watching the ads for a new one for Queenie....LOL

    Ok, gonna try the TM today and see how far I get.
  5. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Gosh Tona.. I'm totally getting visuals of you kicking the tree out the door! lol! Sounds like something I would do.. I miss having my mom around on holidays.. seems like they kind of lost their magic and tradition without her.. so enjoy your queen while you've got her.. (I can't remember the last time I washed windows.. seriously I can't..)

    I spoke with Micaela's school counselor this morning and she thinks the charter independent school is a good thing for Micaela.. She would be able to graduate a full year early and get right into west hills college for her basics.

    She has wanted to go into pediatric nursing since Madisyn had her surgury at Stanford. She just got really caught up with the little ones in the wing and she as well as Helen and I were so frustrated with the lack of compassion with the nursing staff.. well, Helen is starting nursing school in January and little sister it looks like won't be far behind her.

    That's great that Chris knows what he wants to do. Law enforcement out here is big business.. We have 5 state prisons within an hour and a half of here.. The corrections officers make Bank! It is an admirable profession..

    Sounds like the meeting at the school was lots of fun.. Where do they get these teachers! I told Micaela I don't think it's a good thing that I'm on a first name basis with her principal!!
    Gotta get some work done.. love ya
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    You gotta picture that Berne Union is a small village school. The principal calls Kris out of class when his printer jams to fix it.... The superintendant goes to our church and Kris calls him Tom at church.... sooooo needless to say they bend over backwards when Kris says something is wrong with a class of his...LOL

    Two nurses in your family! How great that will be. I always told Dave it would have been wonderful to have a doctor, lawyer, dentist, and nurse all in one family. Kris is not going to work corrections, he is thinking small town PD or Highway Patrol. I'm trying to keep him away from Highway Patrol. He first started out thinking fire dept. and mama said no way, can't handle fire after losing our house. Anyway who knows where his path will lead him, I'm just glad he has AMBITION.....

    Got those downstairs windows done and hung sheets on the line and that's it for the whole day... oh... EXCEPT I made 3 miles in my Tm today... YAY

    Busy week-end at the ranch?
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  8. dononagin

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    no.. not too busy this weekend.. Thank God!! I have a wedding reception for about 100 ppl.. but the ceremony is at a church which makes life much easier for me.. I have a contractors dinner for around 50 ppl.. both are pretty basic and shouldn't be too challanging.. (knock on wood..)

    Micaela had her ultrasound yesterday.. of course we won't get the "official" results back till next week (small towns) but the tech didn't see anything too out of the ordianary.. looked like she may have a couple of small cysts but the tech said they look benign.. so we will see what happens..

    Oh we got a new ride! 2005 Durango with a Hemi motor.. Joe is thrilled.. I'm aprehensive about the payments.. Heck the payments are more than my house payment! Though I live in a shack! lol!

    Hope you have a great weekend.. sounds like the foot is doing a little better.. don't over do it!
    love ya!
  9. tonakay

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    Hope both of your events went easily for you. Hopefully you have today off? I'm not holding my breath on that one.

    We have a storm moving through, it's 6:30 am and boy can I feel it. Hopefully my meds will kick in soon so I can try the TM. I made 3 miles 2 days in a row. Jeez I used to do at least 5 every day....

    My daugher's friend has a beautiful blue Durango. I like the body style. A HEMI huh? Boys and their toys, just get more expensive. So is Joe gonna let the banquet queen drive it? Lot's of SUV's in Ohio with all the snow we get. My little pony will stay in the garage on bad days. Heck Dave has a silverado 4 wheel drive and Kris's blazer is 4 wheel too so I don't think I'll have to worry about getting what I need from town. That's the only good thing about Dave working nights, he gets off at 8am and stops and gets whatever I need so I don't have to leave home if I don't want to. Good guy!

    The Queen of Clean is already griping about finding room to pack coats... she just does not seem to enjoy cold weather..LOL Maybe that's why she left this place years ago.

    Well I'm heading back to the coffee pot, why is it we can never sleep in when we don't HAVE to be up???

    Love ya,

    PS what color is the Durango?
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  11. dononagin

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    only color they had.. it was a rental so it has like 20,000 miles on it.. Joe is trying to get me to drive it.. but frankly.. I don't want to be responsible for it.. I'll stick to my little stealth.. I love my little car.. I don't have to worry about it!
    Off yesterday.. didn't even get dressed till almost 1! I could have slept all day if it weren't for the wild child chanting "FEED ME"!!!

    It's looking like rain today here too.. I'm feeling it as well.. my hips always act up and my raynaulds.. my hands looked like clubs when I got to work..

    3 miles is good Tona.. You will work back up to your 5 just take it slow or you will wind up right back where you were.
    The Queen of Clean is already griping about finding room to pack coats... she just does not seem to enjoy cold weather..LOL Maybe that's why she left this place years ago.

    Well.. I'm looking at getting my butt back on my diet.. The bride this week, though beautiful was pretty heavy and I kept hearing all these hurtful comments about her.. I don't want that to be me.. so I've got to get back on track.. I figure I have 10 months.. there is no excuse for me to be that heavy bride..

    Well.. gotta check messages and such.. pretty pathetic that I come here first!!
    Love ya!
  12. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    whatcha mean pretty pathetic you come here first! LOL

    Dave has had his silverado for a year and a half and I have never driven it either.. I was so happy to get rid of my big Jimmy, I'm like you I love my little car. I have such an easier time of driving now than I did in the Jimmy.

    The Queen always has something to gripe about. On the way home from the airport in the summer the first thing I hear about is the humidity and how it will wreck her hair.. I said jeez mom no wonder I wear my straight and stringy..LOL

    It was windy and cold here yesterday and my raynauds got me out of bed. My feet were miserable and frozen the rest of the night, even had two pairs of socks on. They are better now but my hands and nose aren't real happy and it's warm in here now. Can't win for losing with all this crap.

    What kind of diet are you doing? You could never be a fat bride, I've seen your picture girly. I can't wait til the big day is here so I can see some pictures. You'll be loading pictures for me for days...

    Well better get something done, feel crappy and haven't done a thing but the torture mill...

  13. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

  14. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I don't know what kind of diet to do!! I was doing nearly all vegies, a little meat.. whole grains..I dropped 35 pounds and then what do ya know? I wound up back in ER with a partial illeum obstruction.. so.. now I'm supposed to be staying away from most vegies.. from insoluble fiber.. limit red that leaves.. hmmm.. carbs? It's frustrating.. I don't know what to eat.. so I've been pretty much eating garbage!

    I can't blame humidity for my stringy hair.. just lazyness.. I'd rather sleep in then get up and do something with this mess.. my office mates are telling me I look like a hippy with this long straight hair.. it's fasionable if your young.. but I'm getting too old to pull it off!!

    Yeah.. I love my little car too.. don't have to worry about parking spaces.. my gas is reasonable.. no one cares if I leave my coffee cup in the car.. it's all good..

    Micaela has an interview and assessment test at the charter school in the morning.. hope we are making the right decision.. (fingers crossed)

    I'm so not into working today.. I'm dragging my butt again today..
    love ya!
  15. dononagin

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    I'm off work tomorrow so probably won't be on the board.. have a great day and I'll see ya Wed.. XOX
  16. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    How did it go at the Charter Center yesterday? Hope she wasn't too stressed going through the testing.

    Lots of storms here and hurting like heck.. more coming in today. I hate weeks like this, I get nothing done and you know time is limited with the Queens arrival looming a week from Saturday!

    Don't worry about your hair, mine is straight, stringy, and half way down my back. I have never looked good with short hair and my hair is too thin for any 'do'. I don't care if I am 48. My mom can mess with her hair and make-up for hours, I think she got the wrong kid...LOL

    Well I'm off to the TM, made it 3 1/2 yesterday. Don't have a clue on how you can diet. Can you do slim fast or anything like that? I did it a long time ago, before I got sick. It was rough the first couple of days, I drank it for B'fast and lunch, then just ate dinner. As my stomach got used to it it got a lot easier... just a thought though.

  17. dononagin

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    I'm sorry Tona.. I know the weather is really tearing me up too and it's really not even that cold here yet..You need to be cozied up with a blanky instead of washing windows!

    Actually, the charter school is great.. The teachers go by their first name.. they are so one on one with these kids.. There are about 40 students enrolled in the program.. Some of the kids come everyday that need more teacher support the rest come once a week and meet one on one with thier teacher. I also meet with the teacher once a week to make sure she is getting what she needs.. basically it's like a homeschool program.

    Their work is all done on line so I've got the local computer guru coming out tonight to hook up high speed and debug my home computer. She will if she applys herself be able to graduate as a junior and go straight into college.

    Once she is there long enough to prove that she is keeping up with her classes ok she can get her work permit and work here part time so that she still has social interaction. I think it will work out for her. I hope...

    The stringy hair would work if I didn't have a professional job.. but somehow it doesn't go over to well in an office! However, I still get lessions behind my ears and on the back of my head so I can't go short.. Oh well.. I just look like an old hippy!!

    I think I may need to go back to slimfast just to get out of the habit of putting food in my face everytime the mood strikes! It's worked for me before.. the main thing is I have to get motivated.

    ahhhhh.. the queen of clean.. she does keep ya hoppin doesn't she! Enjoy her while you can Tona.. She won't be around for ever and then your windows will look like mine!

    Good job on the 3 1/2 miles.. little at a time you will be back up to your 5 in no time.. oh I guess I have a new workout partner.. Micaela has to log in excercize hours and I told her I will not log um in unless I see her do it.. so workouts here I come!!

    Well.. I guess I better answer my phone messages.. that I haven't even checked yet!!
    Have a great day!!
    Love, dona
  18. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Sounds like everything went well at the Charter School and this will be great for Michaela!

    I'm fighting a splitting headache and headed back to bed. I'll check in later.

    Hope you're having a great day....
  19. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    better sweetie.. I'm dragging my butt today too.. love you
  20. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Hi Donna,

    Well so much for saying I haven't been sick in years..LOL I'll be in bed again today. I have a dry hacking cough that about chokes me to death at night and this durn headache still. All this with the 'Queen' arriving in a week. It better be gone by Monday or I'll be really mean to be around. Actually I think my doc would say that this is a good sign that my immune system is finally starting to work again.

    You doin any better today? I don't know how you keep up the pace girl, I just couldn't do it. Taking my dogs out potty seems to be about all I can handle every day!

    Well I've got my hot tea and heading back to beddie. I'll check back later today. I better get well soon I'm startin to stink...LOL

    Love ya!

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