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    Good Morning.. Ok.. today will be a better day.. I'm doing affirmations this morning.. (you are ok.. you are fine.. you can do your job.. etc.) lol! Think they'll work??

    I'm glad your coloring partner was there! I saw a coloring kit clearanced at Wally world and thought of you and Mathew.. It was cool! all the pencils, pens, crayons, paint.. you name it!

    Joe's take on the whole Santa Barbara thing was, Let me know when so I can schedule time off.. You are not going down there alone!!

    This last month has been so bad that he know too that something has to give. My brain fog is so bad I can't even balance the check book anymore. Now I can deal with $$'s here at work.. but by the time I get off I can't add two and two. I think I get like sensory overload. I can handle so much then I short circuit!!

    The tough thing is I make the majority of the income in our household. If something happens that I can't work it will make a big difference. His son turns 18 this month but we will need to pay child support a few more years if he goes to college. I figure Micaela still has a few more years in the nest at least.. I want to be able to help Helen when she needs it.. The prospect of being broke is not attractive..

    Ok.. I got my little reprieve yesterday.. I have 3 bridal consultations coming in today back to back.. so I guess I better get on the stick!!

    Love ya Tona.. Thank you for always being there!!
  2. tonakay

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    Any idea how long it will take til you hear about going to the clinic? Why is it that everything in our lives has to come down to one thing... MONEY! With you making the 'bigger' bucks then it puts the 'bigger' pressure on you. I didn't have that here, I didn't make much more than minimum wage. BUT maybe you should work a little harder to get rid of some piddly bills just in case. That's what I did the last few months I worked because I knew something was really wrong with me. There just aren't any easy dang answers. Even disability takes forever to go through from what I read here. Why o why did we end up with this crap???

    Keep your chin up and let me know what you hear about this clinic!!

    Love ya
  3. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I've also been checking into some home transcribing jobs "just in case"..

    Joe's stupid Durango payment is the biggest thorn in my side. I had just got all our payments under control for the most part then he puts his foot over the ledge with a $540 a month payment!! Grrrrr.. For what?? A Car?? Double GRRR!!

    I got a reprieve.. My first bride of the day is over touring the hotel rooms with my assistant. Turns out that she and her Mom had both made appts. with me today so now I only have one to go!!
    Book em Dano!! This bride could be on the cover of a magazine.. She is drop dead georgeous and just as sweet as she is pretty..
    Ok.. They should be coming back soon.. Talk to ya in a bit!
  4. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    that pays my house payment and electric bill! BUT you gotta remember I don't live in sunny (warm) California either! I wondered at the time if you were wantin to kick him in the rear. We sold our camper to pay off dave's truck before we bought the mustang so that even though I have a new car we are paying way less than we were with two payments... if that makes any But you can't worry about that payment right now, vehicles can always be sold, houses we need! I just hope you don't have to wait four months to get into that clinic.

    Glad your day slowed a little, when are you off again? Please tell me you have at least TWO days in a ROW off????? I pray nightly for you and your family girl, I just can't figure out how you're gonna handle much more.

    hugz and more hugz!!
  5. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    apreciate the prayers! Gosh knows we all need a little help from the Man upstairs!

    I'm so happy!! My other consultation just called off!! Now just paperwork and phone calls today!

    Well.. My GM didn't come to work today.. So much for getting the contact number and getting moving on this! I'm off tomorrow..

    I never get 2 days off in a row.. or at least I should say rarely.. but it's actually ok.. because it's hard for me to work straight though.. If I can catch up with my rest every few days it is a little easier..

    Gosh I don't want to work today! Ok.. back at it for me!!
    Talk to you soon!!
    Love and hugs!
  6. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    I was hoping you got the contact information and had already set an appointment up... drat and double drat! Now you have to wait until Wednesday. Could you maybe call in to the GM tomorrow and ask if he has it yet ( if he shows up )....

    Ok off to start dinner, Kris comes home from work a starvin Catch up to you Wedsnesday girl and enjoy your day off, have a DONNA DAY... YAY !!!

    Love ya!
  7. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    How ya doing??
    I'm old now.. lol!
    Anything new and exciting going on in your life??
    Still not another word from the GM.. He has been in my office twice and just acts like we never had the conversation.. weird.. I wonder if he is waiting for information??

    nothing new here.. I'm excited that Idol is back on.. Back on my diet today after pigging out on cake yesterday..
    One of my employees got me a pedometer and a new water bottle for my walks.. oh and purple sweatbands and wristbands.. Joe and I had a laugh on that.. reminds me of Olivia Newton John's old video of Let's get Physical!!

    Anyway.. I guess your supposed to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for good health.. hmm.. do I have to average in the days I don't get out of bed? I'm curious how far I actually walk on wedding days!

    Hope you are doing good.. and staying warm!!
    love ya!
  8. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Purple is my favorite color, send those wrist bands to me! I've often thought of buying a pedometer too, let me know how it works for you.

    So where are my birthday details????

    Did the GM every say anything to you? I can't believe after that big conversation he could FORGET what he said to you... jeez!

    Went to my regular doc yesterday and he put me back on my estrogen patch. I had tried to go the natural route taking Estroven (otc) for eight weeks but I was dying. At least 20 hot flashes a day. I'm still glad I had my hyster but having no overies brings on it's own problems... BIG SIGH My boys are glad I'm back on the patch...LOL LOL LOL

    Nada else new around here, weather is still warm and breezy, weird weather for us! Hope you have today off....

    Love ya
  9. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Awww.. You would look so cute! The wrist bands are so bad but the little matching head band is a bit much!!
    Purple is Micaela's favorite color too.. Her room is done in Purple satin, purple velvet, lavender walls and black trim.. (her boyfriend says it looks like the evil princess room!!lol)

    Micaela is using the pedometer today.. Joe tomorrow.. We are getting a base line on how unactive our family is!!

    Really didn't do alot for my birthday.. went out to lunch with the girls in the office.. sat home with the kids and watched idol! But.. we all had to work.. Joe took me shopping the day before and to lunch while we were off..

    I got a cool gift from one of my office mates we will be useing this weekend.. it was a big popcorn bucket full of movie goodies.. microwave popcorn, milk duds etc. and a gift certificate for block buster and movie passes for the local theatre.. cool huh!

    Micaela got me a bracelet.. Set of two.. one for her.. one for me.. Says "Best Buds!"... How cute is that! She says.. you know Mom.. they had one that said Mother - Daughter.. But everybody has a mother. And when ever my friends flake on me you are the only one that I can count on to always be there.. awwwwwwww!!! Needless to say it will rank up there with my all time favorite gifts!

    The GM has said nothing about the clinic.. Amazing! I don't know if I should bring it up or just let it be..

    Now yesterday I broke out in a rash right in the middle of the Catering meeting.. I could feel it happening.. After the meeting he is like why are you so red?? I told him, Vince it's just one more weird thing my body does.. (I told Joe.. now that he has taken notice of my health he is going to be watching me like a hawk.. He is..)
    He asked me again what started all of this.. I told him the doctors think it was triggered by Mono.. end of conversation.

    Glad they put you back on the patch.. I remember my mother used to turn into a real witch when she didn't take her hormones.. Gosh she seemed so old then and she was probably younger than me!! Something has to give.. I really feel like I'm getting dementia!!

    No weddings this weekend.. Thank goodness.. just a business conference so should be smooth sailing!

    Weather is perfect this morning.. Sun is shining.. Just got a call from a client though.. I guess the fog is so thick an hour from here that traffic on the freeway is going under 25 miles an hour.. crazy..

    Well.. I guess I better pretend I'm working!!
    have a great day!
    Love ya!
  10. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    now I'm hungry for Milkdud... my all time favorite movie candy! We still have a drive-in theater here and when any of the kids go I tellthem to eat some milk duds for me. I can't stay awake late enough to go watch two movies there any more... but boy I used to! Sneak beer in a cooler, go in a truck, back the truck in and set lawn chairs up and have a ball. Those were the days.

    Love the idea of the bracelets! I wear a thumb ring that Tonya got me about six years ago and Tj got me a charm that says I love you Mom that I wear on a chain. Don't take either one off. I wouldn't take a million bucks for either one.

    Ok, now I'm agreeing with you that he's gonna be watching you for every little thing. Maybe he isn't after your best interests after all. You know him much better than I but I think I'd be a little leery for a while.

    We went out for pizza last night and rented a movie on the way home... my idea of a great night. Around here a person can't afford to go to the theatre to see a movie, costs an arm and a leg. I much rather sit home and watch one in my jammies and pop my own popcorn..LOL

    Glad you're going to have an easier week-end, you need some downtime... how is the pedometer trials going? I'm gonna have to get me one, I'm curious now....

    Love you bunches girlie...
  11. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    You know I used to do "theatre checking" as a side job back when Helen was a baby.. We got the whole family into the drive in.. brought our own munchies.. all I had to do was click this little clicker every time a car pulled in. The kids liked to do that so I didn't really have to do a thing but mail in a form. Got paid minimum wage, millage and expenses.. We did the same thing in those days.. brought in beer.. only job I ever had that I could drink on the job! It was fun until I had to see Friday the 13th 8 days straight!! The movie production companies get a kickback of movie sells.. that is how they tell if the theatres are givin them their actual due..

    The pizza and Movie thing Tona.. is our only salvation! We work so much that the last thing we want to do on our days off is go do something! Especially since Joe doesn't drink!
    Micaela gets bored with us but oh well.. Joe works 6 days a week 10 hours a day.. I do parties for a living.. so when I get home I just want to stay there..

    I'm tellin ya Tona.. I don't know what to think about my boss.. it's like he pops his head in this morning.. "are you ok??" that is like his new catch phrase instead of Good Morning..
    I'm doing my job.. but I think it's just I don't have the energetic bubbly personality that I used to. I try and keep up the act but I guess it's wearing thin.. I guess I'll just roll with the punches, do my best and see what happens. The good thing in my favor, is I have built a reputation as the premier bridal consultant in the valley.. so I know they know it would be hard to replace me.
    It's like you are either a natural when it comes to weddings or your not. You can train people for ever but if they can't make the bride and the family feel warm and fuzzy it's all in vain..
    Now.. he has had a lot of "medical" problems in the last two years.. two trips to Betty Ford center.. time off for depression so I think he does understand to an extent. But at the same time in any job the bottom line is money.. If I get to a point that I'm screwing up the bottom line I know I'm out of here..

    Oh.. the pedometer trials.. what a joke.. if there was a game show for couch potatoes we would win!! I still have to try it on a day I'm working a big event though. Slow day in the office I only walked 4800 steps .. Micaela only walked 2000 yesterday!! We will see with Joe today as he drives truck all day.. you are supposed to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. Maybe this will give my family incentive to go walking with me!!
    I've got a bride coming in for a consultaion at 10... so I've got to get some work done before she arrives.. Hope you have a great weekend!!
    Love ya!
  12. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    When I was working my last job my week-ends were spent laying in bed reading... and doing laundry. Didn't go ANYWHERE. I spent that time trying to rest up for the next week. Couldn't understand after being in bed all dang week-end why I was still pooped on Monday. Course it all made sense after the crash and burn.. LOL We rented the Constand Gardener and Mrs and Mr Smith this week-end.. total homebodies.

    I think if all goes as planned Matthew will be spending Saturday night with us... trying not to get my hopes up to high. Kacey hasn't brought Jalynn down in three weeks so we're missin her too.

    It's been raining all night long, got no idea how I'm gonna make myself get on that treadmill, my legs are throbbing this morning. How is it that the weather can make my stupid legs hurt? Are you still doing ok on the cymbalta? Why can't there be one dang med for FM/CFS that causes weight LOSS ?????

    I don't think Harris Ranch is fool enough to try to get rid of you. You were taylor made for that job and you're fantastic at it! I would be one of the ones you couldn't train, I do not have a pleasing personality..LOL When I was a waitress many moons ago some of my regular morning guys called me smiley... ran into one of them a couple years ago ( this is a small town ) and he says well hi there smiley.. hadn't seen him in 28 yrs... LOL LOL LOL

    Ok I am going to make myself get ready for that TM whether I like it or not. I'll check in later to see how you are. Do you have another busy week?? How is Joe doing now, shot still helping?

    Love ya girl!
  13. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Gosh.. today has just been crazy from the time I woke up (late) this morning.. and it hasn't let up!!
    I just had to run a last minute lunch over to the feedlot.. Mr. Zachy.. (zachy farms chicken) is meeting with the big boys on some sort of partnership..

    I almost rented Mr. and Mrs. Jones this weekend.. How was it? We rented The exsercism (sp?) of Emily Rose this weekend.. Spooky movie.. ok.. so Micaela and I are cuddled up on the couch watching this Movie and Joe has a nightmare.. He sleep walks!! So we are at a scary part and he jumps out of bed runs in the room screaming!! Micaela and I just about came out of our skin! Took me a few minutes to get him fully awake.. I guess he had a dream that a ghost was hovering over him! Jeez! and he didn't even watch the movie!

    Hope your coloring buddy gets to come.. I'm going through baby withdrawel.. haven't got to see mine since New Years.. I think Micaela and I may make a run up after she finishes Drivers Ed.. She has one more weekend.

    I don't know what it is with the weather but it gets to me too.. Hip joints especially.. It is clear and cold here today.
    I'm doing ok on the Cymbalta.. I guess.. I don't know I've felt like crud since before the holidays.. so I really don't know what is up. I agree there should be something for weightloss.. supposed to be a side effect of Cymbalta but I gained 10 lbs. back since I've been on it and can't get the danged scales to budge!

    Yesterday was a good day. I actually cleaned my closet!! (you couldn't walk in it!)
    Got rid of two garbage bags of clothes that don't fit or we don't wear whatever.. I told Joe there is room now for me to go shopping!

    Hey if they are still remembering you as Smiley after 28 years you just might be cut out for this!! You are welcome to take over.. I'm a Grandma.. I'm supposed to retire and make Banana bread right??

    Joe goes back to the specialist on Thursday.. He is doing better but you know Tona.. I think he got to liking those pain pills a little too much.. He doesn't want to give them up. I think he hasn't realized the difference in pain control and pain relief. He wants to be completely pain free and I don't know if that is going to happen as he has arthritis in the joint too.. We will see..

    Ok.. Well I better get back at it.. love ya!
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    dononagin New Member

    I just had to send a guest out in an ambulance.. She fainted outside the door to my office.. we got her in and her BP was 80 over 40.. pulse 54.. white as a sheet.. very, very weak..couldn't even hold her head up.. She had diabetis, had already taken two insulin shots and couldn't get her blood sugar below 218.. sick young lady.. her husbund is going to call me later at let me know how she does.. WHew!!
  15. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    what a day you had yesterday. We have a friend that has had diabeties since his teens and every now and then he'll head out in the squad. He'd been gone a long time ago if his wife didn't sleep with one eye open.

    LMAO thinking about Joe walking in on you two. I would have peed my pants about that time! Mr and Mrs Smith was ok, not great. Missing in America with Danny Glover is good.

    I gained weight on cymbalta too so it's not just you. I just can't figure out why weight gain has to be a side effect of everything we take. Can't they throw something in there to do the opposite?

    I think Joe is just afraid to give them up. They become like a life support system. My doctor tried me on all the anti-inflamatories before he'd let me have lortab. I can't take any of them, make me sicker than a dog. But I also have a screwed up back so technically my pain meds aren't just for my arthur. What does he have Joe on? He's got a hard job and needs to have something for some relief. As long as he doesn't run out early the dang doc ought to let him have something so he'll be able to KEEP working...

    Ok, off to the TM, I think you're off today...better be anyway... so I'll check back tomorrow.

    Love ya!
  16. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I haven't heard a word about the diabetic lady.. I was really hoping her hubby would call.. Guess I missed a real pysco yesterday! My admin tells me a lady broke down on the freeway and landed in our office.. hysterical.. going from tears to giggles.. she had "messed" in her pants.. telling the girls she hears voices and doesn't want to take her medicine.. I guess Security had fun with that one! We get some really unusual people through here..

    Oh.. I forget to tell you Lou Firigno (jeez.. Spelling??) remember the original Incredible Hulk?? He was here last week for 2 days.. I didn't know he was here though till after he left.. One of the girls in the bar got a picture with him though.. He is still a very handsome man and just as fit as he was back in the day!

    Joe is just on Tramadal.. but he has got to the point that he will take anything for pain.. scares me with his addiction back ground. We'll see what happens tomorrow..

    What is wrong with your back besides Arthur?? I swear Tona.. we are just a mess!!

    Ok.. I'm playing catch up for being out yesterday.. also got to get ahead so I can be off tomorrow to go to the specialist with Joe..

    Big Hugs!!!

  17. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I was gonna tell ya.. My poor Helen is reaching the point of Melt-down.. Her MIL is supposed to have her leg amputated this Friday due to diabetis.. Helen is at wit's end.. She can't take care of anyone else right now.. Their bathroom isn't even wheelchair accessable.. I feel so bad for her. I wish they were closer.
  18. tonakay

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    Wasn't online for a while, had a whale of a migraine I was sparring with. Lots better now. I have facet syndrome in my lumbar, a year or so ago I had the nervies burnt and it helped for a while but not enough to warrant all the left over bills after insurance. How did it go at Joe's appointment???

    I love the Incredible Hulk! When I was left as a single mom in Tulsa with two little kids our big Friday night was popping popcorn (if we had some) and watching Wonder Woman, Incredible Hulk, and Duke's of Hazzard. Tonya is 30 and Tj is 27 and those are still great memories for all of us. Tj is still a huge Duke boys fan, got him a Tshirt for Christmas...LOL LOL LOL

    Does Helen live with her MIL? There is no way possible that that girl could manage to take care of ANYONE else... Jeez Donna, she probably doesn't get five minutes to soak in a tub by herself. Does MIL have any kind of insurance or anything that would pay for visiting nurses or something?? Does Helen's hubby help out? No wonder you are a wreck all the time, I think a whole bunch of our problems start with plain old STRESS !! I'll be praying for her for sure.

    Went shopping yesterday and got Matthew some spiderman slippers and spiderman knit boxer undies for here.... also grabbed two new coloring books. He's spiderman nuts and I can't find that in a coloring book.

    ok, gotta get this butt on the Tm, almost time for Dave to get home from work and I haven't done nada yet... kris has no school today so I stayed in bed late. I'll check back later for your update on Helen and Joe so it better be here...LOL

    Love ya!!

    P.S. keep forgetting to tell you that when my customers called me smiley they were being very sarcastic..LOL Mom always said I had the personality of a rattle snake waiting on tables![This Message was Edited on 01/27/2006]
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  20. dononagin

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    Sorry.. Our server wasn't working right yesterday so everytime we got on line we would get kicked back off..

    Well, Denise got through the surgery as well as could be expected.. She is in horrible pain and they are having a tough time keeping her comfortable. She will be in the hospital for probably around 2 weeks.. depending on how she heals.. This is Helen's great fear as her inability to heal is what has got her into this position.. It's just a really sad situation..

    Helen and Dwayne moved in with them a few months ago.. The idea was they would save enough money for Helen to go back to Nursing school.. She just dropped her courses she had signed up for. There is no way she can go right now.

    Mathew just sounds like a doll.. you would think Spiderman would be easy to find in a color book.. but your right come to think of it I don't think I've ever seen one!

    Joes appt. when well .. they shot him in the shoulder again but in a different spot.. put him on Mobic for arthur.. we will see how it goes.. Jeez Tona.. they burned the nerves?? OWWWW!!!!

    I've been crazy busy today.. 3 back to back bridal consultations + the normal guests wandering in and out.. I'm selling weddings on Fridays and Sundays now as I'm pretty much out of Saturdays till next year.

    I've got to keep this short.. I still have to copy out next weeks agenda and then Joe and I have to come back and attend a Chamber of Commerce dinner tonight.. Joe hates coming to these things.. The free meal isn't worth all the air kisses and phony hand shakes to him.. lol! Oh well.. it's part of the job!

    Love you.. hope you are having a great weekend!

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