Calling nurses and phelbotomist please.

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    Hi- my mom is in a nursing home and has been suffering episodes of confusion since she collapsed about 10 days ago.

    Today they drew blood for some testing and the nurse and phelbotomist said the blood in the vial tuned yellow and turned into a hard fatty substance. Neither had ever seen this. They drew a second vial and decided to run more tests. I do not know what the second vial did. We were interrupted and didn't get to finish our conversation.

    I should get the results later this evening. Thanks for any info you can offer, I don't even know what to google to look this up? Fat deposits in blood? Carla
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    I'm so very sorry. This has got to be terribly stressful for you. Please let us know the results of the tests. My prayers are with you and your Mother.

    Love, Mikie
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    Summary: The blood was drawn into the tube and the tube was left undisturbed for five to 15 minutes. The red cells sank to bottom of tube leaving clear plasma on top. The Plasma clotted without red cells in it, creating a clear, rubbery, yellowish, fibrin clot, milky if had had a fatty meal. -----------------------------

    Words Below is this just me thinking and rambling.
    Read at own risk of severe confusion.

    Never seen anything like it myself, and have done Phlebotamy some thirty years. Still, I wasn't there and I've seen strange things happening with humans.

    One guess is that many the tubes nowadays have a waxy separating substance in them. Perhaps,(unlikely) they had never seen one before.

    One set of circumstances together might describe what they saw: liver disease causing yellowing
    a high red cell sedimentation rate, causing a
    clear serum layer.
    The tube sitting still, not mixed, while clotting, leaving a "fibrin clot" without red cells.

    Hmmm, Ok, maybe a simpler way. If you are taking anticoagulants and blood is slow to clot, and you have a high sedimentation rate(it is high in inflamatory diseases) and the blood sits still while clotting, then a clot without red cells is formed. It looks like a solid yellow piece of tough jello.

    Come to think of it, yes, it probably just was a fibrin clot.
    I see clear clots fairly often when the tubes are spun immediately after drawing and the serum clots without red cells in it.
    Sorry, I been sort of thinking to myself, I hope not too confusing.
    A high sedimentation rate, with red cells settling out, and not mixing tube while clotting might well create what you saw.
    Lipemia is word for fat in blood. The usually clear serum of humans can look like milk after a greasy meal, even having a top layer of (disgusting!) floating fat.
    My guess, what you saw, is just an "artifact" created by circumstances that could happen to anyone's blood.
    The expired tube possibility unlikely. Most preservatives are fairly stable. I think that the vacuum in the tubes that draws the blood in, it slowly disappears and causes expiration.
    Hope I've been somewhat helpful. I even showed your question to the lab manager. Let me know if you find out anything. Your Mr Bill

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    for your concern and help. The tests are abnormal on several things, high here, low there BUT her ferritin is 550. I had a gut feeling about the ferritin.

    I was dxs by gene testing to have the double gene for hemochromatosis. This was dxs about the same time she was admitted to the nursing home 3 years ago.

    My Dr said mom could be a carrier but not active, she was tested for ferritin then and was ok. So no more testing. After seeing her so confused I remembered how I felt when I was sick, my ferritin was 2200 at the time and I thought I was going crazy. That is why I asked for the blood work. I do hate being right sometimes :-(

    They are sending her to a hemotologist, I have asked for mine to treat her.

    Mr Bill you are probably right about the tube being defective or out if date. I don't think the second tube they drew did it. There was nothing that was way off the charts except the ferritin.

    Thank you all, I always know I can get help and support from you. Carla
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    I feel like I'm being way too precise, but feel compelled to make a correction. (Med Lab Techs are often described as anal retentative personalities, though i'm looser than most).

    Anyway, probably wasn't outdated or defective tubes. The vacuum in tube is slowly drained away, and the tubes may not fill if beyond expiration date.

    What happened is probably something I can reproduce with anyone's blood and a centrifuge. It was just a combination of events that created it inadvertently at your mom's bedside.
    Your mr Bill

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